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How does it look when your shipper understands every your need?

We realise that moving things from place A to the B is not sufficient anymore in the current demanding world. We know that fast and modern way of living and doing business requires providing outstanding and premium services and build strong partnerships with clients. That is why we invented our new attitude towards delivery which we call Transport 2.0. We believe that we are an innovative leader on the market and help our clients with a growth of their business.

What we do to fulfill our goals:

  •  We understand that it is essential to let people decide about their timetable. That is why we allow recipients to manage the delivery according to their needs. This attitude improves the chance of first successful attempt of delivery.
  • We understand that the modern phase requires international shipping. We, as a member of DPDgroup, transport over 4 million parcels every day to more than 230 countries. We provide road as well as air shipping, including express services.
  •  We understand that each step within the delivery process can be an opportunity for up-selling. We are also able to measure whether your customers are satisfied with our services. We are happy to share the results with you afterwards.
  •  We understand that nature of our business affect the environment in a negative way. That is why we tirelessly work on diminishing the CO2e production and we compensate them. That means that each and every parcel we transport does not harsh the environment. And all this without any surcharges for you. We care about world we live in.

What it means in reality?

Revision Date: October 31, 2018

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