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How to send a parcel with Cash on Delivery?

Dear costumers,

As of 1.8.2019 the following limitation came into effect, capping the amount of cash payments at delivery per one address in the Czech Republic at maximum of CZK 70 000.

For payments with a card, the maximum amount remains at CZK 200 000.


We enable any consignee to pay for the parcel when the courier arrives. We take any amount up to 200 000 CZK. The delivered parcel can be paid for by cash, and if you permit it beforehand even with a credit card (Visa, Maestro and MasterCard). Once we hand over the package and take over the money, we'll send the exact amount to you to the third working day after delivery. In case of our Express Cash on Delivery (COD) service we'll wire the money even on the next working day.

If you wish to allow the credit card payment to your consignees or ask for the Express COD, you can discuss the details with our sales representatives or with our colleagues on the customer service line. If you wish to ship parcels with us regularly, talk to our sales representative to resolve whether to get the refund for each Cash on Delivery apart or all together.

1. Order the transport service you'd like and add “Cash on Delivery”.


2. On the day of parcel collection send us the COD data. You have a few options to do that:

  • via the My DPD app, which send the data automatically,
  • or go to and fill in all needed gaps until 8pm,
  • or send us an Excel form to [email protected] until 8pm.

3. We will deliver the parcel and collect the appropriate amount of money from the consignee.


4. Up to 3 working days after delivery we'll issue and bank transfer so you get the money on your bank account. In case of Express COD we'll do that even on the next working day after delivery. You can expect the money refund from our bank account 5080116857/5500.

Each transaction needs an online authorization (verified with the issuing bank). The result of the transaction is to be viewed on the payment terminal display right away and then it is printed on a receipt. The receipts don't include the full details of the credit card.


According to the obligatory requirements of the payment cards association the figures (such as the expiration date) of each payment card are masked by stars and therefore there is no way to misuse these data. The payment terminal also doesn't save any information about the payment card so it is impossible to bring it up later.


The payment with a credit card depends on the internet connection by T-mobile in the area of delivery. 

Revision Date: May 24, 2018