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Return Parcel Service

Return Parcel is an additional service for national shipping. The service allows customers to return parcels in the Czech Republic at the expense of the recipient of the Return Parcel (i.e. the e-shop). This service is provided via a corporate web portal Return My Parcel (the link leads just to a standard portal without interconnection with customer's account) available in 19 European languages where the customer can order the service to return the parcel.

Your customers can buy the articles they like and have a look at them or try them out peacefully at home. If they consequently change their mind and decide not to buy the articles or some of them, they can return them.

  • Competitive advantage compared to other e-shops
  • Winning new customers
  • Higher probability that customers will complete their purchase and will not look for the same goods somewhere else
  • Cost savings connected with processing of the returned goods
  • Increase in sales thanks to a higher number of completed orders and items placed in the shopping basket
  • Simple return of the goods for your clients via courier
  • Unique web application Return My Parcel na at available in 19 European languages
  • Clients can customize the design of the application to their liking – logo and colours
  • Comfortable handing over of the parcel thanks to a previously announced collection with 1 hour time window
  • If you are our registered customer and you already have an assigned client number, please contact your sales representative to set up the service. If you do not have the update contact details to your sales representative, please call our customer service line at +420 225 373 373 or write us at [email protected] and we will forward your request to a sales representative that will contact you.


  • If you are not registered yet and you do not have a client number assigned yet, please contact us via our form at Establish cooperation.

Collections in the Czech Republic


  • max. length (longest side) is 175 cm
  • max. girth is 300 cm
  • max. weight is 50 kg


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Revision Date: May 24, 2018

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