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Worldwide air transport with DPD CLASSIC

What's in it for you?

  • We'll transport your parcel on the wings of our fellow partner Air France-KLM. Thanks to them we are able to deliver parcels to 230 countries.
  • We have a transit shed straight on the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. This point provides a complete utility for operations and customs services. It is fully automated and protected by a security system.
  • When transporting a parcel by plane, we provide two attempts to deliver to the customer (i.e. we'll try to catch him at the appropriate address two times).
  • Each parcel automatically gets a 50 000 CZK insurance coverage (already included in our prices).
  • You can oversee the parcel's journey online and find out if we delivered the parcel in the Tracking tool.
  • We take air transport very responsibly. We deliver the parcel in the cargo area of regular flights that do everything for the safety of the passengers. This not only increases the safety of each shipment but enables us to save CO2 emission by using the free capacity of these aircrafts.

What can I send by air?

We transport both files and goods. You can find the list of things that are excluded from our transport at in our General Terms and Conditions, article 5.6.


Where can I send a parcel?

We deliver to over 230 countries worldwide. This counts for both private and business delivery.


How long does it take?

Check out the delivery period for specific destinations at the end of this website.


How much does it cost?

The price is dependent on the weight of the parcel. We count the volumetric weight and compare it with the actual weight of the parcel. The weight which is higher determines the price of the parcel. The customs procedure and issuing the Export Declaration for 4 units are included in the price. There is an additional fee of 200 CZK for any other unit. The fee for extra customs declarations (EUR1, A.TR) is 600 CZK for each.


The price doesn't include the fuel fee, which is updated every month.

The formula for calculating the volumetric weight is: length × width × height (in cm)/5 000

What are the maximum permitted dimensions of a parcel?

Max. Weight: 31,5kg

Max. Length of the longest side: 175cm

Max. Girth (2x height + 2x width + length) of the parcel in cm: 300cm


How to pack and label a parcel?

The package protects the parcel during the transport and therefore it should be quite firm. When choosing the package, please bear in mind that the parcel will be processed by an automated sorting device. Brace the inside of the parcel and ensure that it is safely closed. Mark it with a parcel label where you should write the consignee's phone number and address.


What insurance do we provide for any parcel?

There is an up to 50 00 CZK insurance coverage for each parcel already included in our prices. In case you wish to ship something of a higher value, you can simply ask for higher insurance which covers anything up to 500 000 CZK which costs 0,5% of the insurance coverage amount.


What is there to know about the customs procedure?

It would be our pleasure to take care of the customs for you at no extra cost. Just download all necessary documents (Export Invoice, Pro forma invoice and if needed the Declaration, that your parcel contains documents and not goods). Fill all the necessary gaps in each document. The most important one is the name and address of the consignee and his phone number. Print each document 5 times, sign it, stamp it and put each in a separate transparent packet/envelope and stick it to the parcel.


If your parcel already made it through the customs, add the custom documents (including the Export Declaration) to another transparent packet/envelope and stick it on the parcel as well.


Our Terms of Delivery (Incoterms®) state that the consignor pays for the transport to the appropriate location and the consignee gets the bill for the import customs and taxes.


Where can I track my parcel?

Go to our homepage and simply fill in the parcel number in the Tracking box.

It's better to be safe than sorry. In case you're shipping a parcel of a greater value than 50 000 CZK, it might be time to order our Higher Insurance that covers anything up to 500 000 CZK. You can request it here. If 0,5 million CZK won't cover it, let's talk privately. In that case, write us at

Basically, you have two options:


1. If you are not registered as our customer and therefore don't have a customer number, you can order our transportation at or +420 225 373 373.


2. Are you a registered customer with a customer number? Simply go to the My DPD and order what you please. If you still don't have access to this app just write us at and we'll send you the login details.

Shipping outside the EU requires the submission of documents necessary for customs clearance. The DPD company will ensure the customs clearance of your parcel shipped outside the EU. The sum for the customs clearance is included in the final price for the shipping. The local duty and VAT will be imposed in the country of delivery.


You are a private person (non-entrepreneur):

Download the Pro forma Invoice, fill it in (the value of the content cannot be 0,-) and send it the following email address: Paste four signed originals of the Pro Forma Invoice directly on the parcel (in an envelope, folder, pocket).


You are an entrepreneur or a company:

Download the Power of Attorney, Commission Agreement or Export Invoice. Enclose four originals of the Export Invoice to the parcel (in an envelope, folder, pocket).

To be able to issue the customs clearance documents, we need you to send us a Power of Attorney and a Commission Agreement. These documents have to be filled in, signed by the executive director and sent together with the Invoice, Extract from the Commercial Register/Trade Register and Certificate of VAT Payer Registration to the following email address: We will file these documents, and for the next export, you will just need to paste four originals of the invoice directly on the parcel.

  • Power of Attorney (27,28 kB)
  • Brokerage Contract (27,82 kB)
  • Commercial invoice (506,13 kB)
  • Proforma invoice (514,85 kB)
  • Declaration (469,28 kB)

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