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General Terms and Conditions

Read our General Terms and Conditions. You will find all the necessary information on transport and services there, as well as the list of goods we do not transport.

The new General Terms and Conditions are valid as of 1 December 2017.

We wanted to provide you with simpler and easy-to-understand General Terms and Conditions. We have amended the original document so that new or cancelled services, as well as new procedures, are reflected in it. Certain fees beyond the scope of common freight were moved from the General Terms and Conditions into the newly introduced Pricelist of Surcharges. Additional services are arranged in overview tables and the original individual sections of the General Terms and Conditions were united into one document. Get acquainted with the most important changes at


  • General Terms and Conditions valid until November 30, 2017 (2,94 MB)
  • Overview of services provided by branches within DPDgroup (13,12 kB)
  • List of excluded goods across DPDgroup (12,97 kB)

The General Terms and Conditions will be amended as of 1 December 2017.


The overview of the most important changes


  • International Transportation section
    • point 4.1 – modified list of goods excluded from transport
    • point 6.5 – new rules for tyres transportation – especially the way of packaging
    • point 6.6 – definition of unsuccessful collection including the possibility of cancelling the planned collection so that no unsuccessful collection occurs
    • point 7.4b –we introduced a possibility to charge the Customer a fee for paying the cash on delivery amount by card
  • Main and Additional Services section
    • Article 1, 2 and 3 – newly introduced services (Smart Delivery, DPD Today, Verified Delivery 18+, Collection Request), cancelled services (Saturday Delivery)
    • point 4.2 – we have shortened time periods for paying the cash-on-delivery amounts of export parcels
  • Claim and Complaint Policy section
    • 2.1c, 2.1d, 2.5, 3.4d, 3.4.f – we have added a new procedure of settling your claims and complaints
  • Price list of surcharges (132,70 kB)
  • Price list_Domestic Shipping (124,71 kB)
  • Price list_International Road Shipping (280,53 kB)
  • Price list_International Air Shipping (328,83 kB)
  • Price list_DPD EXPRESS Express International Shipping (279,54 kB)

Current fuel surcharge and toll fee

The domestic transport

PThe fuel surcharge in December 2017 is 6%. Toll fee is 0,5 CZK (VAT not included) for each kg of weight of the transported parcel.


The international transport

The fuel surcharge in December 2017 is 8,5% for road transport and 23% for air transport. Toll fee is 0,50 CZK (VAT not included) for each kg of weight of the transported parcel.