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How to send a parcel?


Our way of delivery

Send parcels to anyone in the Czech Republic

1. Order our transport online
Just fill in the parcel weight and details to learn the price. Make sure that the stated weight reflects reality. We automatically insure any parcel up to 50 000 CZK.

2. We'll collect the parcel at your place
Please be at the stated address on the day of parcel collect. Our courier will come between 8am and 5pm. He will bring you the parcel label, so you don't have to print anything in advance. During collect you will be also asked to pay for the transport in cash. In return you will get a confirmation along with a parcel number to track your parcel online.

Send your parcel with DPD
How to package a parcel?

It's really no rocket science, really

Find out all you need to know in these 3 steps:

  • 1

    Parcel size and packaging

    We transport packages with max length of 175 cm and max girth (2x width + 2x height + length) 300 cm, up to 50 kg.

    Please choose a firm packaging that can protect your parcel during movement on the roller track in our depots. Make sure the contents are steady and secured (soft padding will do the job).

  • 2

    Consignee's address

    Our courier will bring you the parcel label upon collecting the parcel. He will also give you a confirmation, where you can find a parcel number to track your parcel online. Make sure there are no other labels on your packaging that might confuse us during the delivery process.

  • 3

    Parcel contents

    There are some things that cannot be shipped, because they are either dangerous or illegal. Considering the safety of all parcels on our board, we don't transport any liquids, colors, glues and other sticky thingies. You can find the full list of permitted things in our General Terms and Conditions. We point out that we deliver only single packages, not those which are tied together.

Our benefits

We believe that parcel delivery can bring joy

  • We deliver to the next woking day

    We work fast. We manage to deliver 98% of all parcels the next working day after the pick up at your place.

  • We take care of you and your parcel

    We automatically insure each parcel up to 50 000 CZK. We are at your service 5 days a week on +420 225 373 373 and [email protected].

  • We feel responsibility towards nature

    We continuously minimize our CO2 emissions. What we can't to eliminate we give back by investing in nature renewal projects.