How does carbon-neutral parcel shipping function?

Overall DPD relies on a mix of different concepts and vehicles in order to guarantee locally emission-free parcel delivery in city centres. In addition to the TRIPL e-scooter, DPD is significantly expanding delivery by cargo bike.

At present cargo bikes are already in use in Berlin, Hamburg, Heilbronn, Stuttgart and Nuremberg. Other cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Rostock will follow.

In addition DPD is also testing pre-series models of the VW e-Crafter in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. The VW e-Crafter is the first fully electric model in DPD's preferred vehicle class, and has all the features required to operate suitable delivery routes in urban areas with the same productivity level as conventional vehicles - including delivery to business consignees, who receive considerably more parcels per stop than private consumers.