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The future is fun - with the right company.

The future is fun - with the right company.

Would you like to make some money during the holidays with a job for pupils or work experience at DPD? Perhaps you have already successfully completed your schooling and are looking for the next challenge? Vocational training or perhaps a sandwich course with which you can combine theory and practice in an ideal way. Whatever option you decide for, send us your application now and start your future with us.

Become part of the future. At DPD.

With commercial training or an apprenticeship which matches your personality and your objectives. You'll get to know the various sections of our company, would be supervised by experienced colleagues, and participate regularly in further training courses. If you can make an impression on us with your personality and your desire to contribute to the future of parcel shipping.


We look forward to your application for one of the following training places: 




As an IT specialist you'll install and configure computers in line with staff requirements, support them on technical questions and provide first-level support if there are problems. In programming you will apply your knowledge of programming logic and methods in a focused way. However, routine daily work on server applications will also be part of your tasks. The training period for the specialisation is three years.

With DPD you'll play an active part from the very beginning in all areas of our sorting and transport operations. In addition you'll receive an insight into a number of commercial areas, and will be regularly involved in project work. Your training will be highly diverse, including the application of IT-based administration systems, drawing up delivery tour and loading plans, drafting and checking accompanying documents for goods, providing support in dealing with damage claims, recording shipment data and a great deal more. The training period for this occupation is two years.

As a stores logistics specialist you will organise the loading and unloading of our parcels, sorting them and ensuring that the shipment reaches the customer safely. You will fill out all accompanying documents, put together deliveries and load our trucks. You will keep DPD's quality guidelines and applicable regulations such as those relating to hazardous goods and customs clearance in mind at all times. In order to improve our parcel shipping you will also be involved in optimisation operations. The training period for this occupation is three years.

As a stores specialist you are a real organisational talent! You will use transport equipment such as forklift trucks and conveyor belts to take parcels to the correct location in the stores, and ensure smooth delivery operations. You will fill out accompanying documents, put together deliveries and load our trucks correctly. The marking, labelling and securing of shipments will also be part of your tasks, naturally taking into account DPD's quality guidelines and applicable regulations such as those relating to hazardous goods and customs clearance. The training period for this occupation is two years.

Your main responsibilities here will be communication with our customers: as a dialogue marketing specialist you will advise customers, deal with enquiries and orders as well as complaints at the DPD service centres, and in other dialogue-oriented teams. In this field you will regularly be faced with highly diverse challenges, from acquiring new customers to supporting and ensuring the loyalty of existing customers. The training period for this occupation is three years.

During your training you will get to know all aspects of DPD and receive complete all-round know-how: from managing and controlling shipments via order processing and sales right down to work in transport scheduling, customer service and invoicing. In terms of order processing you will be responsible, for example, for selecting the appropriate transport routes, implementing delivery orders and drawing up and analysing statistics. The training period for this occupation is three years.

In the course of your training in office management you'll familiarise yourself with all commercial areas, e.g. marketing, purchasing, HR, finance, secretarial work and system administration, ensuring all-round know-how. In addition you will provide support in concrete tasks such as taking orders, dealing with customer enquiries, processing invoices and scheduling, while learning practical details all the time. As a result you can gather experience in a wide range of fields, and when you complete your training you have the opportunity of further specialisation. The training period for this occupation takes three years.

This course of occupational training will turn you into an absolute industry all-rounder. You will be able to inform our customers about DPD's services, draft offers and take orders. In addition to planning delivery tours and personnel scheduling, your focus will mainly be on customer service! Your tasks will also include organising, monitoring and controlling parcel shipping, always with a close eye on legal regulations, cost effectiveness and market conditions. The training period for this occupation takes three years.

As the name suggests, as a mechatronics specialist you are an exciting mixture of mechanic and electronics engineer. You will work in the sorting facilities of our branches and take responsibility for the trouble-free functioning of our parcel conveyor systems. This includes the assembly, commissioning and operation of the mechanical and electronic components of the machinery, together with maintenance and repairs. The training period for this occupation takes 3.5 years.


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The best of both worlds.


With a sandwich course the future is yours not just theoretically but also practically, because during your study you simultaneously acquire valuable experience on projects - for example by a sandwich course in business management at our partner universities. This enables you to put your freshly acquired academic know-how into practice with an innovative company. At the same time you can qualify for more ambitious tasks. Our Job Finder will provide you with information about the sandwich course places which are currently available.


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If you're ready to work, you're ready to earn money.

Are you planning to earn some money during the holidays? Throughout the country we offer jobs to pupils from the age of 16, involving scanning parcels or doing useful jobs in the office. Interested, then send us your unsolicited application.


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Ready for work experience?

You feel like getting to know an exciting company like DPD while you're still at school or afterwards? Then an internship is exactly what you need, because you can obtain an impression of many sections of our company. In mandatory work experience we of course comply with the study content specified by the school. Send us your unsolicited application here. Our tips for applicants will show you exactly what to do. 



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