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What applies to parcel shipping is also valid for communication. The aim of our company website is to enable you to enter into a direct dialogue with DPD, thus helping to optimise our services. We are therefore happy to receive every post and every comment, regardless of whether it contains criticism or praise. At the same time it is important to us to protect our fans, customers and employees. We therefore reserve the right to delete any posts with the following content:

  • insulting, abusive, indecent or xenophobic content
  • advertising for the products of third parties and spam messages
  • promotion of political protest
  • private data such as addresses, telephone numbers or the names of third parties
  • internal, unpublished company information and deliberate false information about DPD, its employees or customers
  • illegal content

Even though we value every one of our fans, we reserve the right to block any user who infringes the netiquette rules on a number of occasions. 
As a DPD employee you will find many useful tips on how to deal correctly with social networks here
We look forward to a lively and productive exchange of views with you! 
Your DPD Social Media Team

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