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Within the industry DPD is taking the lead in the digitalisation of parcel shipping. The innovations which are generated by this strategy benefit not just our company’s customers and their consignees: they also help us to reduce our transport-related CO2 emissions.

Two important components of this policy are our Pickup parcelshop network, and precise notification to consignees of the delivery time window: since July 2014 DPD has been able to inform consignees down to the last 30 minutes when their parcel will arrive. In addition the Live-Tracking service shows consignees on an online map in real time how many stops the driver still has to make before he will be ringing the doorbell. Consignees receive advance notification of the delivery on the previous day, and then have a wide range of options for redirecting the parcel if necessary - for example to one of DPD's 6000 Pickup parcelshops. The greater flexibility which consignees enjoy as a result has led to an increase in the number of successful first delivery attempts, which eliminates unnecessary delivery trips and waiting time. And of course in the final analysis this also leads to a cut in transport-related CO2 emissions.