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We regard ourselves as an active part of the society in which we operate. Accordingly we support a wide range of social projects and charitable organisations, not just with financial resources but also by means of the expertise and involvement of our employees. With the establishment of the DPD Foundation we are reinforcing our social commitment not just in Germany but well beyond.

Meeting in the context of the DPD Foundation


The DPD Foundation was founded in 2016 and, in accordance with to its constitution, supports the needs and rights of children, young adults and families. Its main focus is on fighting poverty and promoting educational projects. The 'Hilfe mit Plan' trust administers the funds on a charitable basis in accordance with the aims of the DPD Foundation. The trust supports the projects of Plan International Deutschland, and in addition functions as an umbrella organisation for a number of other foundations.

A central element of the activities of the Foundation is its partnership with the children's aid organisation Plan International Deutschland. From the very start the DPD Foundation is adopting more than 100 sponsorships for children in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In this way Plan International supports projects aimed at improving the lives of the children as well as their families and communities, with particular focus on improving their educational opportunities. At DPD these sponsorships are the responsibility of the company's trainees at locations throughout Germany. The number of sponsorships will increase continuously, and over time there will be support for further Plan International projects.

The DPD Foundation also provides support for DPD employees who are experiencing personal difficulties. It can happen to anyone that they suddenly find themselves – through no fault of their own – in a financial emergency. In such cases the DPD Foundation comes to the aid of the company's employees, transport operators and delivery personnel, as well as sorting hall operators and their staff. For this purpose a DPD aid fund has been set up which provides financial support in a fast, uncomplicated and flexible way when the individual's social network can no longer offer help.

The DPD "Initiative for People" in Aschaffenburg


It is our aim to strengthen regional and local networks wherever we provide services for people. For this purpose we support our employees as well as a range of social projects and charitable organisations. In addition we promote social commitment within our workforce.


There are many people working for DPD who do an outstanding job every single day. They develop creative solutions, contribute useful ideas to their team or 'go the extra mile'. We wish to thank them for their exceptional performance and for this purpose we started the 'Outstanding' campaign as long ago as November 2013. The special feature behind it: it is DPD personnel themselves who suggest the names of colleagues who have deserved special recognition.

The awards are decided on by an award team whose members come from different sections of the company. The award-winning DPD staff, system partners and delivery personnel are rewarded not just by the appreciation of their colleagues, but also by a 'thank you' voucher from DPD worth €20.

At our company headquarters in Aschaffenburg we have, since 2009, donated an annual amount of €30,000 to charitable organisations and projects in the region. How the financial support is allocated is decided by a jury consisting of representatives of DPD staff, Aschaffenburg's churches and the municipality.

Every year we also organise a number of DPD Volunteers' Days, during which members of our team actively get involved in projects themselves. It may be giving the cat enclosure at the local animal shelter new coat of paint, helping to renovate a kindergarten or providing support at a regional charitable event. Every year there are around ten of such Volunteers' Days.

At all our 78 locations in Germany we regard ourselves as strong partners to the local community, and accordingly our DPD depots provide active support for initiatives in their own region.

Selected examples:

  • In recent years DPD in Ludwigsburg has donated €15,000 to the 'Herzenssache' children's charity initiative, which supports projects in aid of children and young people.
  • In Wuppertal the local depot donated Christmas trees to kindergartens and also implemented the delivery of these special 'Christmas parcels'.
  • Since 2005 DPD's depot in in Villingen-Schwenningen has donated more than €20,000 to the Katharinenhöhe rehabilitation centre in Schönwald.

The DPD Academy offers our employees a wide range of educational and training courses. Staff can enhance their personal skills at seminars on more than 40 different subjects.

The programme covers not just professional skill areas such as load safety, customer service or quality assurance. We also offer our staff a diverse spectrum of opportunities for personal development, with seminars on subjects such as rhetorical skills, emotional intelligence and the way we perceive ourselves or are perceived by others.

Passing on knowledge, communicating values and providing help in the early stages of a new career: DPD takes its responsibility as an employer seriously and offers training in 12 different vocational fields.

The occupational specialisations range from office administration via warehouse logistics to IT qualifications. We offer ambitious young people an interesting working environment with excellent prospects, and most trainees find employment with us after they have completed their apprenticeship.