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Do you wish to ship goods which could be subject to restriction? To be on the safe side you should discuss the contents of your shipment with us in advance, because we have to return any parcels which cannot be shipped at your expense. And in the event of doubt you are also responsible for any damage which is caused during the transport of risky shipments. You should therefore note the following:


  • DPD's general Terms and Conditions and Terms of Carriage as well as international directives and the import regulations of the countries of destination.
  • The transport of hazardous goods in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) is excluded from our service.
  • In international shipping by airfreight the transport of liquids and lithium batteries is either restricted or not possible.

When you fill out the input mask below you will see a list of country-specific import restrictions.

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Further information on export shipping is available from your Chamber of Commerce or the customs authorities:

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