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Uniform and clear: our terms of delivery.

In a transport contract the terms of delivery define the shipping costs which are the responsibility of the consignor and those which are the responsibility of the consignee. In order to standardise the wide range of possibilities for you, our terms of delivery are based on the International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) which are used and recognised worldwide.

Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) enable the standardised processing of commercial transactions.


They clearly regulate the distribution of costs and risks as well as the duty of care between buyer and seller. It is important for all those involved that the contract should specify which version of the Incoterms applies.


The terms of delivery in the DPD system are based on Incoterms® 2010.

The most important new feature: DDU terms have been replaced by DAP (delivered at place).


In all delivery terms the place of destination should be defined as precisely as possible (e.g. DAP Oslo), because without indication of the place no customs clearance is possible.


If a different place of customs clearance is required to the one normally used in the DPD system, this will lead to additional costs. Please consult your local depot . The cost will be invoiced to the principal, in other words the consignor or the consignee.

With regard to shipments to Switzerland, consignees without a customs account in that country should be aware of the fact ... ... that an advance commission is charged in the case of parcels with a goods value which is higher than 62.50 CHF and which are shipped with terms of delivery DAP, DAP (with customs clearance) and DDP (without tax). This is charged for the advance provision of the capital and amounts to 1.5% of the import charges, with a minimum of 8.00 CHF. In addition there is an administrative charge of 10.00 CHF. However, the consignee (importer) is only invoiced for these amounts by DPD Switzerland if he does not have a customs account (ZAZ).


For more information or individual advice your customers in Switzerland can contact the local DPD team on: Tel. +41 848 373 373.

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