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Immediate delivery in the city – for parcels that can’t wait.


Sometimes an important parcel has to get to the other end of town on the very same day, and may even have to arrive by a specific time. Perhaps a product is out of stock in one branch of a shop, but available at another local branch. No problem if you use DPD NOW - immediate delivery by courier, offered in cooperation with our partner tiramizoo.  

DPD NOW includes the following benefits:

  • With immediate delivery your shipment normally reaches the consignee within 90 minutes
  • You can also have your parcel delivered within a time window specified by the consignee
  • Delivery within the city by courier is conveniently arranged online
  • Now available in more and more cities
  • Insurance of up to 520 € per parcel included
  • Available for multi-parcel shipments1

max. 31.5 kg per parcel, max. 5 parcels per shipment, multi-parcel shipments possible

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