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Delivery when it’s convenient.

With DPD’s award-winning service Predict you put your consignees in charge of their shipment, enabling them to decide when the parcel is to be delivered. With Live-Tracking  consignees can track their parcels in real time. Shortly before delivery is implemented the time  window is even reduced down to 30 minutes.

  • First the consignee is informed that the parcel is on its way and will probably be delivered the next day.
  • If this is convenient nothing needs to be done.
  • If it isn't convenient the following options for changing the delivery arrangements are available: 


    • Selecting a neighbour:
      we deliver the parcel to the selected neighbour.
    • Giving DPD permission to deposit the parcel.
    • Selecting a Pickup parcelshop:
      the parcel is held there for 7 days before it is returned to the consignor.
    • Changing the place of delivery:
      we deliver the parcel to a different address, for example that of a friend or the consignee's place of work.
    • Changing the day:
      Postponing delivery for up to 7 working days. 
  • On the day of delivery itself we inform consignees to the very hour when their parcel will arrive. In the Live-Tracking function the time window even runs down to 30 minutes.

No more endless waiting
Parcels which don´t just arrive any old time but punctually to the very hour.


Certainty rather than hope
Parcels with which you know it any given time where they are. Thanks to live tracking consignees can follow the progress of their parcels online and know exactly when they will arrive – down to the last 30 minutes. Even if the consignee redirects the parcel he or she is kept in the picture and is notified as soon as it is delivered to the selected ParcelShop or neighbour.


Everything just the way your customers want it
Parcel delivery which is adapted to the requirements of the consignee – not the other way round. With its 5 options for changing the delivery arrangements Predict offers extensive possibilities to all consignees who wish to actively influence their delivery.


Customer oriented from the shop to the front door
Parcel delivery which is an excellent advertisement for the services provided by the shipper.Customers enjoy a positive overall shopping experience and regard delivery with Predict as a successful conclusion to the purchase they have made from you.

Please note that this service is not available for the German islands. Simply contact your  DPD depot for further details.

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