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Business mail at an economy rate.

DPD Mail is the clever solution for all your business mail. You benefit from convenient processing and DPD's usual fast and reliable transport operations. And on really favourable terms – standard letters cost you 10 cents less than the national postal service.

Internationale Briefpost mit DPD. DPD Sprinter passiert Briefkasten.

You can cut your postage costs and reduce the work involved to a minimum!

And if you need shipping material for DPD Mail you can conveniently  order it online.

DPD Mail includes the following benefits:


  • Simple processing: no franking, no sorting by format or country of destination, pickup included.
  • Convenient payment: no payment in advance.
  • Savings on postage: standard domestic and international letters 10 cents cheaper, other formats up to 10% cheaper
  • Fast delivery: domestic as a rule 2-3 days, within Europe 2-6 days, worldwide 4-9 days.
  • Shipments which can't be delivered are returned free of charge.
  • Processing and delivery of your business mail is implemented in cooperation with ASENDIA (between La Poste & Swiss Post)




Standard letter*

0.60 €

 0.80 €

Compact letter*

0.77 €

1.35 €

Large letter**

1.31 €

 3.20 €

Maxi letter 1

2.60 €

 6.30 €

Maxi letter 2***

4.80 €

15.30 €

* Domestic letters must be rectangular in format, with the length being at least 1.4 times the width.
 **Domestic 'Large letters' can be square, max. length per side 125 mm. 
*** For this format you can create a DPD parcel label and send the Maxi letter 2 to your recipients reliably and fast with DPD CLASSIC. 

From a monthly order volume of 200 € no minimum charge of 10 € per pickup is made. 

Available from a regular shipping volume of 500 letters per month and a minimum turnover of EUR 475 per month.



Individual price

0,50 €

Kilo rate

8,00 € 

Overall price = price of all individual letters plus kilo price.Example for 35 letters with a total weight of 2.4 kg:
(35 x EUR 0.50) + (2,4 x EUR 8.00) = EUR 17.50 + EUR 19.20 = EUR 36.70  

Please note: prices apply only to mail which is machine-readable and suitable for automatic processing. For shipments which do not meet these criteria the standard rates of the national postal service will be charged. For mail which does not meet the product specifications we reserve the right to return it or charge Maxi Letter 2 rates.

Mail which is marked as a goods shipment, book shipment or bulk mail is not suitable for shipping with DPD Mail.

Prices are valid from 01.01.2016 and are quoted net, subject to the applicable rate of VAT.

The Terms and Conditions for DPD Mail apply.

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