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DPD applies a range of measures to the task of continuously improving its own carbon footprint. Of course it isn't possible to eliminate all emissions, but by purchasing emissions certificates (so-called “carbon credits") DPDgroup finances projects for renewable energies and clean energy generation. In this way those transport emissions which can't be avoided can be offset. For this purpose DPD cooperates with EcoAct, the European leader on the carbon market. Together an offsetting programme has been developed which is based on the most stringent international standards. In the year 2015 alone DPD group compensated for 814,000 tonnes of emissions which damage the climate.

Support is provided for a total of six projects:

  • energy generation from waste in the Czech Republic
  • the use of waste for the production of building materials in Poland
  • the promotion of wind power in India and Turkey
  • converting mine gas containing methane into energy in Germany and Great Britain