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DPD ships 3 million parcels – every day. The shipping of parcels generates a considerable volume of CO2, with 90 % of emissions created by the actual transport operations. At present there is no economically viable way of avoiding these emissions completely. In spite of this we wish to fulfil our responsibilities towards the environment and have therefore committed ourselves to providing carbon-neutral shipping for all parcels – at no additional cost to our customers. We achieve this by relying on three interrelated processes: measuring, reducing and offsetting.

  • Measuring: As part of DPDgroup we regularly measure the greenhouse gas emissions created by the company.
  • Reducing: For the purpose of improving our carbon footprint we apply a range of domestic and international projects and activities aimed at reducing our CO2 emissions on a continuous basis.
  • Offsetting: By purchasing emissions certificates (so-called “carbon credits") DPDgroup finances projects for renewable energies and clean energy generation. In this way we offset unavoidable transport emissions.