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Exclusions from transport. What you need to keep in mind.

In accordance with DPD's Terms and Condition specific goods are excluded from transport. These are:


all parcels which do not comply with the product specifications in Section 3 and Section 4 of
DPD's General Terms of Business for DPD CLASSIC

goods of especial value, in particular precious metals, real jewellery, precious stones, real pearls,
 antiques, art objects

money, certificates, documents, securities, credit, cheque and telephone cards, or similar forms of

vouchers and entrance tickets with a value exceeding 520.-- euros per parcel

furs, carpets, clocks and other decorative objects as well as leather goods with a value exceeding
 520.-- euros per item

other goods with a higher value than 13,000.-- euros

parcels whose contents, shipment or external appearance infringes legal provisions

firearms as defined by firearms legislation in Germany, the country of destination or a transit country

parcels which could cause damage to persons or property; perishable goods; living or dead animals;
medical or biological specimens; medical waste; human or animal remains, body parts or organs

hazardous goods,unless they have been accepted by agreement with the service provider on the basis
of a special agreement

freight and goods sent collect (COD), unless they have been accepted by agreement with the service
provider on th basis of a special agreement

in crossborder shipping, any goods whose import or export is prohibited or requires a special permit
in accordance with the regulations of the country of dispatch, country of destination or a transit country.

Please note that depending on the country of destination there may be further prohibitions on transport / import restrictions. You will see these when you fill out the input mask in the  shipping planner.