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Welcome to the online portal for Pickup parcelshop operators.

Here you will find useful information and downloads relating to your Pickup parcelshop.

Integrating the DPD logo on your company websites
You are welcome to communicate on your own company website that you operate a Pickup parcelshop. To make this easy for you we have created Pickup parcelshop banners for this purpose, which you can simply integrate on your company website. It's just as easy to integrate these banners as it is to integrate a photo. Below you will find the banners for downloading, together with brief instructions for integrating them.

 Integrating the DPD logo into your stationery
You are welcome to integrate the DPD logo on your own media such as flyers or stationery. If this is of interest to you, please contact the Pickup parcelshop Servicecenter. Your email should include "Marketing / request for logo" in the subject line, and provide us with your contact data (company name, PUDO ID, address, contact person). Thank you in advance.

Do you have any questions? Our colleagues at the Parcelshop Servicecenter are at your service Monday to Friday from 9 – 19 hrs:

  • Einbindung von Pickup Bannern auf Websites (720.09 kB)
  • Betriebsanweisung Handscanner (114.98 kB)
  • Shop-Ident Handbuch (0 B)
  • Options: Terms of carriage (53.60 kB)
  • Vorlage - Umleitung in Pickup Paketshop (907.93 kB)
  • Ausschlußgebiete Classic-Service (106.52 kB)
  • Ausschlußgebiete Express-Service (108.43 kB)
  • Laufzeitenauskunft Classic-Service (106.15 kB)
  • Zuschlagsgebiete Classic-Service (106.75 kB)
  • Infoblatt Paketshop Zustellung Amazon (0 B)
  • Infoblatt Sarenza Label (0 B)
  • Infoblatt mobiler Paketschein (0 B)
  • Infoblatt Shop2Shop (0 B)


Pickup Paketshop Newsletter

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