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Would you like to increase your service range, attract new customers to your shop and increase your sales? In that case DPD's parcel shop network is the ideal solution for you.

Online application

Please fill out the online application form on the next page in full. 

If you require further information, you can call the DPD parcel shop service centre landline on 06021 150 450 or send an email to [email protected].

The benefits DPD offers you:


  • You increase your customer footfall
  • You boost your sales
  • You enhance the services you offer your customers
  • You provide your customers with flexible, reliable and CO2-neutral parcel shipping
  • This additional service gives you an edge over the competition
  • You strengthen the loyalty of your customers
  • You can access new customer groups

What we expect from you


  • Focus on quality and service
  • Sufficient storage space for parcels
  • A good location
  • Attractive, modern business hours
  • Your main business should support you financially

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