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Our parcels are well received.
Even before they arrive.

For your customers the shopping experience
doesn't end until they actually have the goods
in their hands. This is why we do everything
we can to make it as easy, safe and convenient
as possible for your customers to take delivery
of their parcels. We'll be happy to make you
an individual offer.

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The most satisfying way to receive parcels

With our services consignees can track their parcels live on an online map and are notified down to the last 30 minutes when they will arrive. And if this is not convenient, they can change the day of delivery. We call these services "Live-Tracking", "Predict" and "Redirection" – your customers call them "brilliant".

Good for the consignee. Even better for you.

First-time delivery

To make sure parcels arrive reliably at the first attempt, we use Predict to notify consignees exactly when we'll be making the delivery.

The new parcel delivery freedom

We deliver in whatever way is most convenient to your customers by providing them with a number of options for redirecting their parcels.

We make your customers happy

How do we do this? Quite simply by taking customer feedback seriously and constantly optimising our services.


No more missed parcel deliveries.

Your customers specify the When and Where: with the Parcel Navigator and the DPD App we provide unique flexibility – combined with parcel deliveries which are fully in line with the wishes of the consignee.

  • Individual preferences, such as delivery of all parcels to a favourite parcelshop, or a general deposit okay
  • Four redirection options, for example delivery to a neighbour or on a different day
  • Live-Tracking: real-time parcel tracking and a precise, one-hour delivery window
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What customers say

Great app!

"Simply all the information at a glance. And great possibilities for redirecting parcels!" *****

Great service!

"You see exactly where the parcel is, and know when it will arrive!" *****

Everything perfect!

"I spontaneously had the parcel delivered to my office instead of my house." *****

A matter of pride to us:

Siegel UX Design Awards

The next-level app on the logistics market – creates maximum information flows and provides consignees with convenient control over their parcels.

Siegel ECO Internet Award

With the DPD app parcel shipping has entered the digital age and become an experience with gamification character.

Siegel Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation

The DPD app impressed the jury in the "Mobile and Apps" category with the comprehensive digitalised shipping experience it provides.

Receiving parcels at the Pickup parcelshop

Especially convenient, especially favourable: parcels can also be dispatched from all of our parcelshops.

ParcelLock – the parcel box of the future

With ParcelLock you can send and receive parcels at any time – securely and flexibly.

Predict: the service option which creates certainty

Forget all the unnecessary waiting! With Predict your customers are notified to the last hour exactly when their parcel will arrive.