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We're also happy to take care of your letters
and business post: benefit from convenient
processing, simple and secure transport and
very favourable terms.


• Simple processing: no franking, no sorting by format or country of destination, pickup included


• Convenient payment: no payment in advance


• Reduced postage costs: standard domestic and international letters 10 cents cheaper, other formats up to 10% less expensive


• Favourable delivery times: as a rule 2 to 3 days domestically, 2 to 6 days in Europe, 4 to 9 days worldwide


• Free return of shipments which can't be delivered


• Processing and delivery by ASENDIA (by La Poste and Swiss Post)





Standard letter*

0.60 €

 0.80 €

Compact letter*

0.77 €

1.35 €

Large letter**

1.31 €

 3.20 €

Maxi letter 1

2.60 €

 6.30 €

Maxi letter 2***

4.80 €

15.30 €

* Domestic letters must be rectangular in format, with the length being at least 1.4 times the width.
 **Domestic 'Large letters' can be square, max. length per side 125 mm. 
*** For this format you can create a DPD parcel label and send the Maxi letter 2 to your recipients reliably and fast with DPD CLASSIC. 


With a monthly order volume of €200 there is no minimum charge of €10 per pickup.

Available from a regular shipping volume of 500 letters per month and a minimum turnover of 475 € per month.



Individual price

0,50 €

Kilo rate

8,00 € 


Overall price = price of all individual letters plus kilo price. Example for 35 letters with a total weight of 2.4 kg:
(35 x 0.50 €) + (2,4 x 8.00 €) = 17.50 € + 19.20 € = 36.70 €

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Please note:

Prices apply only to mail which is suitable for automated reading and handling. For any shipments which do not meet these criteria we charge standard postal rates. We reserve the right to return letters which fail to meet the specifications, or charge for them at Maxi letter 2 rates.
The DPD Mail service is not available for post which is designated as a goods/books shipment or bulk mail. Prices are quoted net and are subject to VAT. Prices are valid from 01.01.2016. The terms and conditions for DPD Mail apply.


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