Which documents are required to send international consignments?

Parcels within the EU are transported based on the parcel label. Various documents are required for shipment outside the EU (in addition to Norway and Switzerland).

Depending on the type of goods and the customs requirements of the importing country, they are as follows:

Commercial invoice

The commercial invoice must be sent with the parcel which is shipped to a country outside the EU. A commercial invoice is used in cases where the goods hold commercial value. A pro forma invoice is used in cases where the goods hold no commercial value.

Movement certificate

A movement certificate EUR-1 is a priority document for goods manufactured in the EU and is usually used to calculate the import duty to be paid by the consignee. The EUR-1 certificate is valid for the movement of goods within the European Economic Area and in several African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, among others.

Export declaration

All consignments with a value above €1,000 sent outside the EU must be accompanied by an export declaration. If the value is above €3,000, the customs authority responsible must process the documents in advance.

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