What goods does DPD not ship?

Forwarding and spedition of the following items is prohibited or restricted (marked with an asterisk):

a.         Improperly packaged and/or labelled consignments (clause 5);

b.         Consignments with dimensions and weight which do not comply with the terms and conditions of the respective service (*);

c.         Hazardous and flammable goods, including hazardous waste, medical waste, hypodermic needles and syringes, firearms, weapons and their parts (*), ammunition, explosives, fireworks, chemicals, acidic, corrosive and irritating substances;

d.         Batteries (*);

e.         Tobacco products (*);

f.          Works of art, jewellery (including watches) (*), precious metals (including gold and silver articles), precious stones, real pearls, glass or articles (or parts thereof) of glass, porcelain, clay or similar materials, antiques, carpets, fur or other valuables;

g.         Cash, coins, commemorative coins and stamps (*);

h.         All types of data carriers (e.g. memory stick, hard disk), documents (*) (e.g. identity documents, diplomas, examination papers, tenders, evidence of formal qualifications, contracts, vehicle registration documents, insurance documents, etc.). Also documents that can be exchanged for cash or goods (for example, checks, vouchers, credit notes, bonds, stocks, banknotes, and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash receipts and gambling tickets);

i.         Alcohol, including wine, beer and spirits (*);

j.         Liquids of any kind (*) and ice;

k.        Body parts (including medical analyses) or human remains, live or dead animals, fish or birds or any other living organisms (including seeds, trees and plants) and frozen or perishable foodstuffs;

l.         In the case of cross-border transport where the CLASSIC EUROPE and CLASSIC SHOP General Terms and Conditions apply, goods which may not be transported under the laws and regulations of the government, state or local government of the respective country of destination;

m.         Goods which must be transported under controlled temperature. Also goods packaged in a sterile environment (for example, medical device or equipment packaged in a sterile state);

n.         In the case of cross-border transport where the CLASSIC EUROPE and CLASSIC SHOP General Terms and Conditions apply, consignments and goods for which DPD must obtain a licence and/or which do not comply with the requirements of international conventions or the legislation of the country of dispatch, transport or destination (import or export);

o.         Consignments for which a declaration of value under Article 24 of the CMR or special interest under Article 26 (1) of the CMR is required, as well as consignments for which a declaration of value or special interest is required under Article 22 of the Warsaw Convention / Article 22 of the Montreal Convention;

p.         A consignment with a value above the amount specified in clause 2.13, regardless of whether the customer has purchased the respective Additional Insurance Service or not.

General Terms and Conditions.