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Coronavirus COVID-19 news and tips

Last updated 26th of March at 14:19

Due to the emergency situation, there might be some delays with parcels in Estonia and Internationally.

Parcel delivery is disrupted or stopped

Please make sure when sending parcels that the reciever can recieve the parcel!

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) has spreaded, many countries and businesses have established several boundaries and it may cause some parcel delivery delays in Estonia and Interantionally. 

Because of that we PLEASE to make sure that the reciever in ESTONIA or INTERNATIONALLY can recieve the parcel.

If reciever can not recieve the parcel then DPD will end it back to the sender. DPD will not store parcels. If your business in closed or iyou have established some boundaries then please inform DPD customer service [email protected]. Please also give us information if your bounaries end. 

Recommendations to senders and recievers

  • Prefer contactless delivery, all clients can choose contactless delivery to help the virus not to spread. DPD will send before the delivery SMS or e-mail where the reciever can choose contacless delivery.  You can leave the courier a note, where he/she can leave the parcel. The place needs to be safe for DPD courier, weatherproof and easily acceccable.


  • Prefer parcel locker, if it is any way possible, please send all your parcels by parcel locker. If you have ordered DPD home delivery but parcel dimensions allows to put it in DPD parcel locker then temorarily we can send your parcel to DPD locker. You can change your parcel delivery way in DPD self-service environment. 
  •  Be safe wash/disinfect your hands. When entering PIM-code in DPD parcel locker, please wear disposable gloves.