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Receive a parcel

Receiving a parcel is fast and easy!

  • Once the parcel has reached a Pickup point, you will receive a notification by SMS or e-mail. You will receive two PIN codes to receive the parcel from a parcel locker and one PIN code to receive it from a parcel shop.
  • The parcel can be accessed with the proper PIN code. It is possible to receive the parcel from a parcel shop on the basis of a valid identity document.
  • If a friend or family member picks the parcel up from a parcel shop, they need to provide the parcel number and the name of the recipient in addition to the PIN code.
  • Cash on delivery parcels can only be paid for in cash in Pickup parcel shops and by bank card at Pickup parcel lockers.

NB! The parcels are kept at Pickup points for 7 calendar days. If you have not picked up your parcel, a reminder will be sent to you on the 3rd day, and the parcel is returned to the sender after the 7th day of storage.



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