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Receive a parcel

Receiving a parcel is fast and easy!

  • As soon as a parcel has arrived at the Pickup point, you will receive a notification via text message or e-Mail. The parcel can be picked up at your convenience.
  • You can collect the parcel by presenting a valid identity document (passport, ID-card, or driver’s licence).
  • If the parcel is to be collected by a friend or a family member, then in addition to their identity document they also need to bring the parcel number and they need to know in whose name the parcel has been sent.
  • The pay on arrival packages can be paid for only in cash at the Pickup points.

NB! Parcels are kept at the Pickup points for 7 days. If a package hasn’t been collected, you will get a notification on the 3rd day, and after the 7th day the parcel is returned to the sender.


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