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Sending a parcel

Why choose a Pickup parcel shop for sending your parcel?

  • Comfort: choose the Pickup point that is closest to your home or office and drop off the parcel at your convenience.
  • Affordable prices: the Pickup service is one of the cheapest ways to send parcels. It is cheaper than a courier.
  • Simple price calculations: the price is calculated according to the size, not the weight of the parcel.
  • Wide selection of destinations: parcels can be sent across the Baltic States and Europe (NB: Parcels cannot be sent from Cargobus offices to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)
  • Parcel tracking: you can track your parcel’s progress with a parcel number at
  • Comfortable delivery: your parcel is delivered by a courier.


Only a few simple steps are required for sending a parcel:

  • Assure that the parcel is intact, properly wrapped and closed. Before sending a parcel, read the packaging guidelines.
  • Check that the longest side is no longer than 100cm
  • Check that the sum of the longest side and circumference of the base is smaller than 200cm, using this formula: (width + height)*2 + longest side (length) = a maximum of 200 cm
  • Bring the parcel to the closest Pickup point.
  • The Pickup point employee will measure your parcel to determine whether it is a S, M, L or XL parcel. To get the size, the lengths of the longest and shortest sides are added up.
  • The pricing is determined according to the size of the parcel. The price list.
  • Fill in the shipping label, adding the names of the Recipient and Sender. NB: pay attention to the zip code – sorting the parcels at the DPD depot depends on this. Make sure that the phone numbers of the Recipient as well as the Sender are marked on the package. DPD does not offer delivery from Pickup point to Pickup point.
  • Pay for the delivery
  • A copy of the shipping label, stating the parcel number, will remain with the sender. The parcel number is needed for tracking the progress of the parcel.
  • The parcel is delivered via courier.


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