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If you want to stay on the safe side when it comes to payment, you will want to know about our C.O.D. service. It is simple, fast and, if anything goes wrong, you are automatically insured for the stated C.O.D. amount. C.O.D. is available in Baltics. It is possible to pay the C.O.D with the card or in cash (except in Estonia. Payment of the C.O.D with the card only).


  • Oppurturnity to send out goods immediately after receiving and assembling the order. 
  • Faster workflow: no need to send invoices by e-mail and check money receipts before shipping.
  • Service is convenient for recipient also: there is no need for money transfers before receiving the goods.
  • There is no credit risk: Goods are not handed over before the payment. 
  • Money is collected on delivery and will be transferred on agreed date. 
  • C.O.D amount can be paid by card in parcel lockers and to courier and by cash in parcelshops. NB! Service is not available in Cleveron parcel robots.
  • Automatic information exchange with DPD.
  • Delivery in the next working day.
  • Up to 1278 EUR per consignee per shipment. 
  • Transferring the collected money to the agreed account on the agreed date. 
  • Transfer specification for collected payments. 
  • Possibility to track shipment history.
  • Possibility to pay for the shipment both by bank card and in cash. 
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