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Customs Regulations.

When sending goods from Estonia to Norway and Switzerland it is necessary to perform customs formalities. Legislation requires customs formalities regardless if the Sender is a company or private person and the same holds for the Receiver.


  • The goods must be accompanied by an invoice for the goods (5 copies). The invoice must be in the document pouch that is attached to the transport packaging.
  • If the required and appropriate customs documents are with the goods then customs formalities will usually be completed within one (1) business day after the arrival of the goods in the destination country. Thereafter the goods are released for delivery.
  • If the customs documents need to be supplemented or data clarified then DPD informs the Sender, additionally providing the time-frame during which the supplemental information must be made available. The goods are held in the destination country up to seven (7) business days. If the required additional information is not sent on time, the shipment may be returned to the Sender.
  • All major customs brokerage firms are capable of providing additional information about the required customs formalities for exporting goods, for example, A-Tolliagentuur. Information on import customs formalities and legislation required by the Receiver can best be provided by a customs brokerage firm in the destination country.
  • We draw attention to the fact that when sending parcels to Norway and Switzerland a fee of EUR 19.89 will be added to the shipping costs to cover the cost of presenting customs with customs documents. In the absence of customs documents or if supplemental information is required pertinent to the goods a fee of EUR 20 will be added to the shipping costs.


Customs duties and value added tax:

DPD is not responsible for paying customs duties, value added tax or other taxes as required by law.

In case the DPD representative has organised for the Receiver in Norway or Switzerland customs formalities concerning the goods and as the Receiver’s representative paid taxes as required by law, the Receiver must take ultimate responsibility for paying the taxes. If the Receiver does not fulfil obligations towards DPD or the DPD representative then DPD has the right to demand payment of the unpaid amounts from the Client.


Additional information:

If customs formalities are organised in Norway/Switzerland by DPD or its representative, within one week after organising the customs formalities the Receiver should receive an invoice for the services provided. The goods are delivered to the Receiver immediately after organisation of customs formalities. The Receiver usually has 30 calendar days for paying customs duties. In case payment is not received on time the Receiver is sent a first reminder and usually is given an additional 15 calendar days for making payment. If payment is still not received a second reminder is sent and if no payment is made the invoice is forwarded to DPD Estonia. DPD Estonia forwards the invoice to the Sender.

We recommend making a clear agreement with the Receiver concerning the costs of organisation of customs formalities and wherever possible obtain confirmation that the Receiver is capable of covering costs to enable proceeding as required based on the available information.


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