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Regardless of whether your shipments are delivered within the Estonia or go to the far ends of the Europe.

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Sending a parcel

my parcel?

How can we help?

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How we deliver?

While shopping online you can meet these types of transport

  • DPD Private – delivery on a selected address with the possibility of managing your delivery by changing the delivery place and date. On the delivery date, we notify the consignee when the parcel will arrive – down to the hour!
  • Delivery to Pickup parcel locker and parcelshops - once the package is ready to be picked up, we'll let you know via SMS. 

Ask the online shop for delivery options with DPD.

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Comfortable delivery

We'll come when it suits you?

Can't wait to meet your parcel

With us you always know when a courier is coming. On the day of the delivery we'll send you an e-mail and/or an SMS with the parcel label number which allows you to manage your delivery most suitably for you. New portal allows you to track courier movements in real time and change the day and location of your delivery. Also, if you prefer, you can direct your parcel to one of our Pickup parcel lockers located all across Estonia.

We deliver to the next working day with 1 hour precision

We'll bring your the package a day after we pick it up at the consignor's place. On the day of delivery we'll inform you about a 60 minutes time range during which you can expect the courier. If you miss the courier, don't worry. He will attempt to deliver again the next day and the day after that. Sounds good?

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Pickup points

We have almost 120 Pickup parcel lockers and parcelshops all over Estonia

When shopping online you can send what you bought to one of our Pickup points. Pickup network is consisted of parcel lockers and parcelshops. Once the package is ready to be picked up from your favourite Pickup point, we'll let you know via SMS. 

Our benefits

We believe that parcel delivery brings joy

  • You are in control of your parcel

    You can easily manage the time and place of delivery. We'll send you the access details one day before delivery by an e-mail or SMS.

  • You know the hour we're coming

    We deliver 2nd working day after picking up the parcel at the consignors place. On the day of delivery we'll tell you by an e-mail/SMS the exact hour when the courier will arrive.

  • You can pick up the parcel on your own

    Your parcel can wait for you at any of our Pickup points for seven days. You can have it sent there straight from the online shop.