The reference player in sustainable delivery

By 2025 we want to reduce our CO2 emissions per parcel by 30%, and we will put the means and investments to achieve this goal.

We strive to make the most meaningful impact, and will therefore concentrate on cities where the pollution and the population density is the highest.

Our target is to deliver the 200 largest cities in Europe by 2025 with zero- and low-emission vehicles.

We are committed to become a key partner for cities and customers to jointly make our planet a better place, because we all share the same address."

Boris Winkelmann, Chairman & CEO of GeoPost / DPDgroup

Green delivery in 225 European cities by 2025

DPDgroup has announced its commitment to deliver 225 of the largest European cities with zero- and low-emission delivery means.

To achieve this ambition, DPDgroup will deploy 7,700 new alternative vehicles, 3,600 charging points and 80 new urban depots.

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