14. January 2019 | Event

SEUR inaugurated a new urban depot in the center of Barcelona

  • The new urban depot, located in the Eixample district of Barcelona, will respond to the e-commerce shipments of the city of Barcelona

  • SEUR has 11 urban depot in different Spanish cities that allow a sustainable urban distribution to be closer to the recipients by minimizing CO2 emissions

Madrid, 14 January 2019 -a SEUR has inaugurated a new urban depot in the center of Barcelona. With this new opening SEUR already has 11 logistics centers in the center of the cities, this being the first in Barcelona. These centers allow the company to be closer to customers, shorten distances and make a more sustainable distribution by minimizing CO2 emissions.

Barcelona new hub is located in the Eixample, an area of high population density, a common feature of the location of these centers, which the company also has in Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Segovia, Valencia and Zaragoza among other cities.

From the new urban depot of Barcelona, ​​there will be an average of 800 daily shipments, including those responding to super urgency solutions for deliveries in one or two hours, a growing service derived from e-commerce to which the company responds through SEUR Now.

The opening of urban hubs in several cities is part of SEUR's commitment to the development of sustainable urban logistics solutions. Carlos Tarragona, Regional Director of SEUR comments: "In SEUR we have opted for the development of sustainable urban logistics solutions, like urban microdepots, which allow us to be closer to customers, and use sustainable delivery methods, such as ecological vehicles, bicycles and walkers". In this way, SEUR is able to face the challenge of last mile, overcome by the phenomenon of e-commerce that has resulted in a significant increase of parcels in urban depots, to which the increasingly stricter traffic regulations in cities.

SEUR has a firm commitment to sustainable logistics that translates into different initiatives in its daily operations such as urban hubs or the use of ecological fleet, with which it delivers 170,000 monthly shipments by alternative means and thanks to which it has reduced its emissions CO₂ by 16% per package delivered.


About SEUR

Its 75 years of history have allowed SEUR to be pioneer in the urgent transport in Spain. Thanks to the commitment of 8,000 professionals, the company leads the sector through the three main areas of business: international commerce, e-commerce and B2B segment. SEUR provides services to companies with different sizes bellowing to diverse sectors. As part of DPDgroup, one of the largest international urgent transport networks, the company delivers all over the world.

SEUR constantly invests in innovation to be closer to the customers and be able to offer them greater flexibility through solutions such as Predict, interactive system to arrange delivery, or Now, for super urgent deliveries in one or two hours.

SEUR is committed on sustainable logistics through the integration of alternative delivery systems such as the use of ecological vehicles, the network of Pickup points with more than 1.400 local stores or the use of lockers and urban hubs.


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