15. January 2020 | Press release

DPD Poland has started a partnership with the Federation of Polish Food Banks

15 January 2020DPD Poland has started a partnership with the Federation of Polish Food Banks. The company will provide logistic support to the Federation’s projects.

The Federation consists of 31 Food Banks from across the country. The tasks of these non-governmental organisations include most of all saving food and passing it on to single mother’s homes, shelters or children’s homes. A large part of the food obtained that way are products which are of good quality but with short shelf life or defective wrapping. Food Banks also provide education on how not to waste food, teaching about the consequences of throwing food away and promoting anti-waste attitudes. In order to help them with their daily work, DPD Poland established a logistic partnership with the Federation of Polish Food Banks, helping to send documents or educational materials.

“Within its framework of corporate social responsibility, DPD takes part in various initiatives aiming at helping people in need as well as promoting Less Waste and sharing attitudes. We are pleased to be able to support an organisation which fights malnutrition by reducing food waste.”

Rafał Nawłoka, CEO, DPD Poland

DPD makes every effort to reinforce the awareness of civilisation challenges such as inequality and waste of resources. Within the partnership, the Federation of Polish Food Banks will provide DPD with educational activities regarding everyday food management and reducing food waste.

As part of the Closer Communities CSR priority, DPD Poland established its Foundation which supports the couriers, carriers and their families in need. In 2019, DPD Poland ran a registration of potential stem cell donors campaign for DKMS Foundation. The effects were spectacular. DPD Poland is also a logistic partner of UbraniaDoOddania.pl start-up company (clothing recycling), and for a number of years has been supporting the Tomek Opoka See the Sea Foundation in organising their integration project for partially sighted.


About DPD Poland

DPD Poland [dpd.com.pl] is a part of DPDgroup, the second largest international parcel delivery network in Europe and a leader on the Polish market. DPD co-operates with almost 6 thousand couriers. DPD Polska group of companies includes the courier company DPD together with DPD Strefa Paczki which manages 2,000 Pickup points and whose services are designed for individuals and smaller enterprises, as well as ACP Global Forwarding company. Thanks to innovative technologies, knowledge of local specifics and excellent customer service, DPD delivers the best services to senders and recipients. In 2016 DPD was the first courier company to introduce bank card payments upon delivery of a COD (cash-on-delivery) parcel by the courier.

Every day DPDgroup delivers 5.2 million parcels across the world in a carbon-neutral way. DPDgroup is a parcel delivery network belonging to GeoPost holding, owned by La Poste.

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