8. October 2020 | Event

DPDgroup at Deliver 2020


About Deliver

Deliver 2020 is Europe’s most exclusive online retail summit, gathering the elite of the industry exploring the latest trends and innovations in the e-logistics space, and enabling participants to build long-lasting relationships with their best suited peers.

This unique concept relies on one-to-one meetings between selected sponsors and hosted decision makers in retail, as well as on meaningful discussions about latest trends in e-logistics through keynotes, breakout sessions and technology showcases.

Deliver 2020 edition takes place online on 8 & 9 October and DPDgroup is speaker on one of Deliver interactive workshops.

DPDgroup interactive workshop on sustainability

On 8 October from 10:00-11:00 am (CET time), DPDgroup Executive Vice President in charge of Marketing, Communication and CSR Jean-Claude Sonet holds an interactive workshop on sustainability in everyday business.
A nice opportunity DPDgroup has seized to introduce its green strategy to more than 85 decision makers in retail and selected sponsors.

Do you know that according to 2019 DPDgroup e-shopper barometer, 70% of European e-shoppers expect that “brands and companies have to be environmentally responsible”?

First defining what sustainable delivery means at DPDgroup, Jean-Claude Sonet elaborates about the knowledge DPDgroup has on e-shoppers expectations about sustainability.
Indeed, sustainability in the entire supply chain has become a major concern for e-shoppers. More than ever, last mile delivery play a key role in this chain as drivers operate in the heart of city centres, in front line with customers.

Driven by a zero-emission future, Jean-Claude Sonet also focuses on DPDgroup recent announcement to deliver 225 of the largest European cities with zero- and low-emission delivery means by 2025.

Because brands and customers care, Jean-Claude Sonet shares and discusses best practices and concrete actions that logistic partners such as DPDgroup can implement to improve daily urban life.

DPDgroup is now a long lasting partner of the Deliver event and at the far front of the new trends on its market.

DPDgroup wins 2 Awards at Deliver 2020

DPDgroup is the only company to win two awards, among more than 80 vendors and retailors at Deliver 2020 meeting, in the sustainability and customer experience categories.

The awards recognise innovation, customer service, and sustainability. They are judged by all decision-makers from Europe’s largest retailers and most influential e-logistics vendors online attending the meeting.

“We are honoured and proud to be granted these awards, that confirm DPDgroup is at the far front of the new trends on its market.” commented Jean-Claude Sonet.

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Jean-Claude Sonet

DPDgroup Executive Vice President in charge of Marketing, Communication and CSR