2. November 2020 | Press release

DPD Croatia has opened the first urban depot in centre of Zagreb, and very first urban depot in Croatia

Zagreb, 2 November 2020 – DPD Croatia, an innovator in green delivery, has opened its first urban depot in centre of Zagreb, at Gundulićeva 21. It is part of a commendable initiative that enables sustainable urban delivery in order to bring them closer to consignees, while minimizing CO2 emissions.


The opening of urban depots across major European cities is part of DPDgroup’s commitment to developing sustainable urban logistics solutions. Igor Jakovljević, General Manager of DPD Croatia told us:

“At DPD we have decided to develop sustainable urban logistics solutions, such as urban micro-depots, which allow us to be closer to consignees and our clients by using sustainable delivery methods, such as environmentally friendly vehicles, cargo bicycles (complete novelty in our green fleet) and delivery on foot (by pedestrians). This way, DPD effectively copes with the challenge of modern times, the phenomenon of e-commerce, which has resulted in a significant increase in the number of parcels in city centres, thus causing more strict traffic regulations in urban centres.”

DPDgroup’s vision by 2025 is to deliver parcels in more than 225 major European cities across 20 countries exclusively with zero or very low-emission vehicles, provide “green delivery” for 80 million inhabitants, introduce 7,000 alternative delivery vehicles and open 80 new urban depots Europe-wide, in order to be even closer to our customers.

“Guided by these goals, we have opened this first urban depot in Croatia. DPD City depot is in the very centre of Zagreb, which has made us practically neighbours to our customers”, said Snježana Stanić, Marketing Manager for DPD Croatia and DPD Slovenia.
She added: “We are aware of our responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants; therefore, we want to be the most sustainable delivery company in Europe. We have decided to act pragmatically by reducing harmful emissions in the cities with the largest population.“

To achieve sustainable mobility in cities, it is important to omit motorized cargo vehicles as a means of delivery and introduce bicycle logistics as well as open urban depots, thus becoming closer to end users in the city centre.

Now consignees whom gravitate to the city centre, due to business or private matters, can redirect their parcels via the myDPD application and pick them up in our new urban depot, and at the same time, it is possible to send parcels from the DPD City depot, throughout Croatia, Europe and worldwide. What is particularly interesting and unique about this depot is the concept of a changing booth, where consignees can try on ordered textile items, which allows a more flexible way of picking up the parcel – recipients can try on the clothes and if it doesn’t suit them they can instantly make a return. The DPD City depot is open from Monday to Saturday which offers recipients maximum convenience as they can pick up their parcels at a time that suits them best.

DPDgroup’s long-standing ambition – act in favour of green delivery

“Acting in favour of green delivery is a long-standing ambition of DPDgroup. Our goal is to become the chosen partner, both to potential clients and city administrations, and to cooperate on sustainable development programs together, making our planet better. At DPDgroup, we believe that “We all share the #SameAddress” and that is why we need to protect the planet, our common home”, explains Igor Jakovljević.

About DPD Croatia

DPD Croatia is part of DPDgroup, the largest parcel delivery network in Europe. With 77,000 delivery professionals and a Pickup network of more than 46,000 points worldwide, DPDgroup delivers 5.3 million parcels daily – 1.3 billion parcels per year – through the DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and BRT brands. DPD started operating in Croatia in 2003. In 17 years of existence in the domestic market, it has become one of the key players and expert in the domestic market, providing a high-quality parcel delivery service. DPD operates on a day-to-day basis on behalf of thousands of satisfied customers and combines innovative technology and local knowledge to provide a flexible and user-friendly service for both shippers and consignees. With its flagship Predict service, myDPD app, and Pickup locations, DPD sets a new standard for convenience by keeping customers closely connected to the delivery of their parcels.

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