4. November 2020 | Press release

A new DPD Poland regional hub in Ruda Śląska

4 November 2020 – DPD Poland has opened a regional hub in Ruda Śląska. The site’s target capacity will be up to 300,000 parcels per day, which will optimise the handling of volumes from the Rzeszów, Kraków, Katowice and Wrocław area. It is the next stage of rollout of the new logistic model which assumes some decentralisation of logistic processes, aiming at enhancing the company’s operational capacity in line with increasing dynamics of e-commerce growth, as well as at shortening the routes and reducing CO2 emissions.


Capacity and modernity 

The new hub consists of an 11,000 m2 warehouse space and almost 2 thousand m2 of office space. The site is equipped with two Beumer Crossbelt sorters – Line Sorter for small parcels up to 70 cm long and Loop Sorter for parcels of up to 150 cm long. There are also two lines with roll-belt conveyors for unsortable and non-standard parcels. 112 gates will ensure efficient loading and unloading.

The hub in Ruda Śląska will reach its full operational capacity in the 1st quarter of 2021. In the initial start-up phase we launched the manual zones and cross docks which enable processing of 90 thousand parcels per day. The second phase involved the roll-out of the Line Sorter which processes 100 thousand parcels per day. The launch of the Loop Sorter, which is the final phase of the project, has been scheduled for the middle of November. Once the full operational capacity is achieved the hub will process between 280 and 300 thousand parcels per day. In times of increased demand times, such as seasonal peaks or pandemic crisis, it will be manned by as many as 300 people.

Optimised logistic model

DPD Poland has its central hub in Stryków and also uses the Warsaw Regional Hub in Parzniew which was opened in 2018. Ruda Śląska is the next phase of implementation of the company’s logistic strategy which aims at decentralisation of processes and optimisation of routes.

“The new hub in Ruda Śląska will optimise our processes and therefore will increase DPD Poland’s operational potential in Southern Poland, which is especially important at the time of growing demands for courier services. The logistic model implemented by the company from 2018 enables faster transport, reduction of road connections, improvement of last mile deliveries and limitation of CO2 emissions. The latest is in line with explicitly expressed customers’ expectations and an important objective of the new “green” CSR strategy of DPDgroup” says Rafał Nawłoka, CEO of DPD Poland.

Investments for the environment and local communities

The regional hub in Ruda Śląska has been constructed in line with modern Energy standards. It is equipped with a photovoltaic system of capacity reaching approximately 50 kW, which supplies electricity to office facilities. All forklift trucks in the hub are equipped with modern lithium ion batteries. Warehouse space, offices and manoeuvring area are lit with LED lights with movement detection sensors. Hydrostop mechanism used in water installations helps reduce water consumption. The hub is also equipped with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which limits the building’s energy intake and provides constant ventilation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the site is run in strict sanitary regime.

“New regional hubs as means of decentralising processes are in line with the objectives of DPDgroup, aiming at limitation of adverse impact of courier operations on the environment. Furthermore, DPD Poland regularly makes certified purchases of so called “green energy” which contributes to the decrease of carbon footprint. In the first six months of 2020 we have already purchased 2 million kWh from that source and twice that amount in 2019. We install photovoltaic panels in all new depots – they are already in place and working in Ruda Śląska, Słupsk and Kalisz. We are also introducing own fleet of electric vehicles which will make deliveries in centres of large cities and medium sized towns. Our first own charging stations have just been installed in Kraków and Kalisz” adds Rafał Nawłoka.

DPD Pickup and DPD Pickup City Depots are another response to current challenges. These solutions were created as a result of the shift of shopping preferences towards e-commerce and they have proven invaluable during peak times, since they enable the recipients to pick up their parcels at a convenient time. Couriers in city depots deliver the parcels with low or zero emission vehicles, as well as on foot.

The Ruda Śląska hub was constructed primarily by Hillwood. The warehouse was designed as a build-to-suit, which means that it was built to our exact specification and parameters.


About DPD Poland

DPD Poland is a part of DPDgroup, the largest international parcel delivery network in Europe and a leader on the Polish market. DPD co-operates with almost 6 thousand couriers. DPD Poland group of companies includes the courier company DPD together with DPD Strefa Paczki which manages 2,000 Pickup points and whose services are designed for individuals and smaller enterprises, as well as ACP Global Forwarding company. Thanks to innovative technologies, knowledge of local specifics and excellent customer service, DPD delivers the best services to senders and recipients. In 2016 DPD was the first courier company to introduce bank card payments upon delivery of a COD (cash-on-delivery) parcel by the courier.
Every day DPDgroup delivers 5.3 million parcels across the world in a carbon-neutral way. DPDgroup is a parcel delivery network belonging to GeoPost holding, owned by La Poste.

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