9. February 2021 | Press release

SEUR in Spain acquires 7% stake in last-mile delivery company Koiki

9 February 2021 - Spanish parcel carrier SEUR, part of DPDgroup, has reached an agreement with Koiki, specialised in sustainable last-mile deliveries, to acquire a 7% share in the Spanish company.


At the same time, Fundación Repsol, whose mission is to contribute to creating a more sustainable future with projects focused on energy transition and society, will increase its stake in Koiki from 25% to 35% via its company Repsol Impacto Social.

The agreement will help Koiki expand the coverage of its logistics network and is in line with SEUR’s commitment to the environment and society, as reflected in DPDgroup’s DrivingChange strategy.

Micro-hubs for sustainable deliveries

Created in 2015, Koiki manages an integrated network of micro-hubs or urban centres and consolidation centers for sustainable distribution on the last mile. Through the use of sustainable means of transport in its deliveries, it makes a positive impact on the environment contributing to the improvement of life quality in cities by avoiding traffic congestion.

In addition, Koiki’s activities have a social impact creating job opportunities for vulnerable groups or those with difficult employability. It offers collection and delivery solutions for transport companies as well as for online stores and private customers, using proprietary technology to optimise logistics processes and improve the customer experience.

Its two lines of business include delivery on the last mile in urban areas, with the focus on delivery of parcels received from carriers or online stores; and door-to-door delivery, with the focus on interurban transport of parcels, ranging from collection at the customer's location to delivery to the final recipient.

Keiko delivers in a sustainable way and especially at the neighborhood level, by foot, bicycle or electric vehicles with the aim of reducing emissions.

Dense network of 50 micro-hubs in 17 Spanish provinces

Currently, Koiki has two consolidation centres in Madrid and Barcelona and a network of 50 micro-hubs in 17 Spanish provinces (Álava, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Baleares, Barcelona, Cuenca, Girona, Huelva, León, Lleida, Madrid, Málaga , Murcia, Valencia, Vizcaya and Zaragoza). The company employs about 150 people.

Its objective for 2022 is to be present in urban centres of 150 cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants throughout Spain and to continue generating more employment opportunities among groups which are at risk of exclusion.

In 2020, Koiki delivered nearly 400,000 "sustainable" parcels, which helped save 172 tons in CO₂ emissions. In addition, the company gave professional training to more than 500 people in vulnerable situations, thus improving their employability.

Koiki's business model is leveraged in collaboration with social entities or companies in the social sector, which manage the centres of its logistics network, with Koiki providing technology and training to create new job opportunities.

New agreement with two social associations in Madrid and Barcelona

Last year Koiki reached an agreement with two social associations in Madrid and Barcelona, Fundación Juan XXIII and Grup Cooperatiu TEB, respectively. These alliances reinforce its logistics network and allow the daily consolidation of all products that will be distributed in both cities from the two main hubs. This way, Koiki provides 100% sustainable delivery services in both cities, adapted to the needs of the customer with delivery on the same day or the next day.

As part of the DrivingChange strategy, SEUR aims to develop actions that allow it to provide intelligent urban distribution in cities, with its commitment to urban hubs, the expansion of its ecological fleet and the promotion of its Pickup network, which currently has 2,300 parcel points and lockers. On the other hand, the company promotes actions that help communities solve social challenges and achieve positive change.


About SEUR

Our 75 years of history have allowed us to be pioneers in the urgent transport in Spain, and the work of our 8,000 professionals lead the sector with three main areas of business: international, e-commerce and B2B business. We provide services to companies of all sizes and sectors, and as part of DPDgroup, one of the largest international urgent transport networks, we deliver all over the world.
SEUR constantly invests in innovation to be closer to our customers and offer them greater flexibility through solutions such as Predict, interactive system to arrange delivery, or Now, for super urgent deliveries in one or two hours.
SEUR commits to sustainable logistics with the integration of alternative delivery systems in large cities such as the use of ecological vehicles, our network of Pickup points with more than 2,300 local stores or the use of lockers and urban hubs.

About Koiki

Koiki is a transport company that was born to change the sustainability problem on the last mile and generate employment opportunities for groups with difficult employability. Thanks to its integrated network of microhubs throughout the Peninsula, the company offers recipients a personalized and sustainable delivery, making the delivery on foot, by bicycle or in an eco-efficient vehicle. The Koiki network is made up of third sector or social economy entities, to whom Koiki provides business volume, technology and the necessary training so that they can generate employment in a sustainable way.

About Repsol Impacto Social

Repsol Impacto Social is a company 100% owned by Fundación Repsol, whose objective is to contribute to a fair and inclusive energy transition through investment in a network of economically sustainable companies that generate social and environmental impact in Spain and Portugal. The activity segments of these companies are emission reduction, sustainable mobility, circular economy, energy efficiency and eco products and services. In addition to Koiki, Repsol Impacto Social has stakes in the Sylvestris Group, a company specialized in reforestation as a tool for absorbing CO2; GNE Finance, for eco-sustainable urban rehabilitation in vulnerable environments; SAEMA, aimed at the recovery and recycling of plastics and packaging and Recycling4all (in collaboration with the ILUNION Group), a company focused on large-scale industrial recycling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment and in the future also of solar panels and photovoltaic panels.

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