25. May 2021 | Press release

DPD Latvia is digitizing customer service by introducing artificial intelligence solutions

For the convenience of customers, the international parcel delivery company DPD Latvia is introducing the artificial intelligence virtual assistant Didzis and launching a self-service website myDPD for private persons. With the introduction of additional digital tools, the online customer service will be more efficient and faster, thus easing the workload of the customer service call center. 40,000 euros have been invested in the development and joint implementation of an artificial intelligence virtual assistant in the Baltic States.


“DPD Latvia is a leader in parcel delivery, therefore high customer satisfaction is very important to us. By implementing a virtual assistant and a self-service portal, we can provide more efficient customer service 24/7. In addition, customers also can monitor the status of their shipment or change the delivery conditions, as well as receive quick answers to questions of interest. With the introduction of the virtual assistant, the customer service call center will be significantly relieved, as many of the issues will be resolved with the artificial intelligence virtual assistant Didzis, who can serve several customers at the same time. I am convinced that the digitization of services and artificial intelligence solutions is a significant advantage that will allow us to provide information on the delivery status and execution of shipments faster and in a more convenient way for customers,” says Jānis Grants, Chairman of the Board of DPD Latvia.

Developing digital solutions, DPD Latvia has developed a self-service website for private persons, myDPD, whereby registering with your mobile phone number, it is possible to view all shipments attached to a specific phone number in one place, both incoming and outgoing shipments. It is also possible to track the status of the shipment and, if necessary, change the time or address of receipt of the shipment, as well as redirect it to the nearest DPD Pickup point if necessary.

"With the rapidly growing volume of shipments, more and more shipments are processed online, and customers are interested in the delivery status of the shipment, so for the convenience of customers we have developed a digital solution for both desktop and mobile devices for more convenient real-time review and tracking of all shipments, while providing ongoing customer service support. The myDPD customer self-service portal will undoubtedly be a benefit, as it will allow everyone to follow their shipments more conveniently and transparently and, if necessary, make adjustments according to their needs, in a way and at a time convenient for them,” emphasizes J. Grants.

mydpd Latvia

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