8. November 2021 | Press release

Main players in logistics sector in Switzerland working hand in hand with social partners on sector-specific CLA

The six largest employers and associations in the Swiss logistics market are working to establish minimum requirements for employment conditions in companies that provide postal services and deliver unaddressed advertising. In this context, they want to form a new employers' association and work with the social partners syndicom and transfair to negotiate an industry-wide collective labour agreement.


A postwoman's job is to transport a parcel from point A to point B and deliver it in a timely and safe manner. A distributor is responsible for delivering freshly printed newspapers to letterboxes early in the morning. These services are provided by the staff of various logistics companies in Switzerland on a daily basis. At present, the Swiss postal service provider sector consists of the associations KEP+Mail (Association of Private Postal Service Providers), Swissmessengerlogistic SML (Employers' Association for Bicycle Couriers and Urban Courier Services) and Kurierverband (Association of Swiss Courier Companies). To date, there has never been an umbrella association and thus an industry-wide collective labour agreement. However, this situation will now change in order to be able to offer employees better working conditions. The CEC associations and the main players in the logistics sector, including La Poste and Planzer KEP AG, have decided to join forces to form a new employers' association called "Distribution Switzerland". This also includes the newspaper and advertising distribution companies, which are now also members of an association. The aim of the new umbrella association is to negotiate a common basis for the employment conditions of distribution employees as an industry.

The new association will therefore enter into negotiations with the trade unions transfair and syndicom with a view to concluding an industry-wide collective labour agreement (CLA) for postal services and the distribution of unaddressed advertising. The new CLA is to apply to all operators and sub-contractors who provide postal services within the scope of the Swiss Postal Act, i.e. who receive, take delivery of, sort, transport and distribute addressed items weighing less than 30 kilos. Newspaper and advertising distributors engaged in the distribution of unaddressed leaflets and free newspapers are not considered to be postal service providers under the Postal Act. However, the similarity between the two activities suggests that the negotiating partners will take into account the terms of engagement of both sectors. If these negotiations are successful, the aim of the social partners is to ask the Federal Council to declare the new CLA binding.


The same requirements for all

Logistics companies play an important role in the Swiss economy and society through the services they provide. The work done by their employees on a daily basis is particularly demanding. The negotiating parties therefore want to establish minimum requirements for employment conditions in this important sector by means of the sectoral CLA.

The parties involved will provide further information on the content of the CLA and the further procedure once the negotiations have been concluded, which is expected to be sometime in 2022.



List of companies involved


7Days Media Services GmbH, Frankfurt/Main (Muttenz branch)

DHL Express (Switzerland) SA

DHL Parcel (Switzerland) AG

DPD (Schweiz) AG

FedEx Express Switzerland Sàrl

GO! Express & Logistics (Schweiz) AG

Logistik2000 AG

Night Star Express Schweiz AG

Quickmail AG

SwissMail International SA

TNT Swiss Post GmbH

transLink.ch AG

swissconnect sa


Swissmessengerlogistic (SML):

Associazione Saetta Verde

Beamer AG Velogourmet

Chaskis SA

die Fliege Velokurier St. Gallen GmbH

Genossenschaft Veloblitz

Genossenschaft Velokurier Winterthur

krick cyclomessagerie

KurierZentrale GmbH

La Vélopostale Genève

notime AG

vélocité riviera sàrl

vélocité Sàrl

Velokurier Bern Genossenschaft

Velokurier Biel/Bienne GmbH

Velokurier Luzern Zug AG

VéloValais Sàrl



AKS Autokurier-Service GmbH

Blitzzz Kurier & Logistik AG

Citytrans GmbH

Flash Delivery Services AG

Meierexpress Sàrl

Metropol Kurier GmbH

overnight.ch gmbh

Rübli Kurier GmbH


Association of Newspaper and Advertising Distributors (VZ&W):

Epsilon SA

Direct Mail Company AG

Presto Presse-Vertriebs AG


Bureau d’Adresses de Neuchâtel SA

Somedia Distribution AG

Aarmail AG

AZ Vertriebs AG

Pomona Media AG (Facteurs du Valais)

VS Vertriebs GMBH


Stand-alon entities involved:

Planzer KEP AG

Poste CH SA

For more information, please contact

Marco Kaiser

DPD Switzerland