15. November 2021 | Press release

Urby launches waste collection service

The first- and last-mile logistics specialist, a subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste and Banque des Territoires, is launching a waste collection service for professionals.


Since March 2016, as part of the Act on the energy transition, all companies producing more than 1,100 litres of recoverable waste per week are required to sort it. To meet this legal obligation, the subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste and Banque des Territoires now offers a waste collection and processing service to professionals.

"With the increase in urban deliveries, waste management is a major environmental issue. It requires a targeted response adapted to each professional activity. By combining the delivery of goods and the collection of waste, we limit empty mileage and help to improve our customers' carbon footprint,"

explains Frédéric Delaval, Managing Director of the Urby network.


End-to-end management of the entire process

The service offered by Urby includes the collection of five types of recyclable materials: plastic, unsoiled paper and cardboard, class A (untreated) and class B (non-hazardous) wood, glass and non-ferrous metals. Urby has implemented end-to-end management of the recycling process. Upstream, the urban logistics company provides professionals with equipment for sorting each flow and educational communication tools (signs, pictograms, etc.) to facilitate sorting operations on site. Using a fleet of low-emission vehicles, Urby collects the sorted waste, which is then weighed and stored in its pooling centres in order to ensure traceability by flow until a regulatory certificate is issued. Finally, downstream, Urby has formed partnerships with recycling specialists Recygo, a subsidiary of La Poste and Suez, in Ile de France and Véolia for the rest of our network. The latter ensure the reprocessing of the waste collected.


Urby's waste collection service has already been adopted by the large decoration shop in Toulouse, MIDICA:

"The regular removal of waste such as cardboard, pallets and plastics allows us to optimise our delivery processes and improves the image of the shop, which no longer puts waste on the public highway"

explains Laurent DORDAIN, Director of Assets for MIDICA.


About Urby

Founded in 2018, Urby was born out of the desire to offer solutions that make cities more breathable and peaceful for their inhabitants. A subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste and Banque des Territoires, Urby operates in 21 cities, including 19 major cities in France, and offers urban delivery and goods collection services (all formats), storage and collection of professional packaging (cardboard, plastic, wood, etc.). To achieve this, the Urby concept is based on two types of structure: shared centres covering 2,000 to 4,000 m2 located on the outskirts of towns and cities, and Urban Logistics Areas (ULAs) covering 200 to 400 m2 in town centres. The shared centres enable transporters, couriers, retailers and local authorities to free themselves from the burden of first- and last-mile delivery. For these players, Urby collects and stores goods and organises deliveries in dense urban areas with low-emission vehicles: electric vehicles, vehicles running on NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle or bio-NGV), cargo bicycles, etc. The ULAs offer solutions for local storage, order preparation, restocking between shops, and collection and delivery of products by appointment for shops, self-employed workers and retailers. For more information: www.urby.fr

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