21. January 2019 | Press release

DPD Croatia presents a major investment project – new distribution center

21 January 2019 - DPD Croatia starts new 2019 with opening of new distribution center, one of the most developed in this part of Europe, built according to high standards of DPDgroup, which competes with large distribution centers in countries where this sector is highly ranked.

Due to the growing demand for a larger distribution space, which is a consequence of the fast-growing export and e-commerce segment, in 2019 DPD Croatia will move its business from the far west to the far east of Zagreb city, to area named Sesvete. This location is primarily chosen due to the good traffic connections, proximity of the industrial zone to the east of Zagreb, as well as the proximity of public transport (bus and train station), which is important for employees and clients.

The official start of work at the new location is on January 21st 2019 at Slatinska 7, 10360 Zagreb - Sesvete. On that day DPD's management will start to work at a new address, while hub and depot will start from January 28th. Thus, the end users, ie the consignees, will be able to pick up their parcels at new depot from the end of this month.

DPD's new headquarters is the result of long-term strategic planning, advanced investment in technology and employees and ultimately the growth of business in the last 15 years of the company's existence in Croatia. The new hub, depot and the accompanying offices together extend over a parcel of almost 14,000 m2. The complex is built according to the high distribution standards set by the DPDgroup. Additionally, warehouse-manipulative space has over 3,000 m2 and offices of 800 m2 with the possibility of further expansion..

The specificity of the new complex is a cross-dock warehouse, one of the first in Croatia, which implies the use of currently available sorting technology.

Subsequently, the final phase of the project will include a total of 84 loading and unloading doors, which will directly affect the efficiency of operational processes as well as on sorting per hour.

This will also contribute to a conveyer that will be nearly 200 meters long, while in the HUB it will be high up to 2.2 meters.

At the same time a large quantitative leap will occur in daily sorting capacity, so in the new distribution center will be sorted over 25,000 parcels a day. This qualitative shift will certainly be felt by all domestic and foreign 2B and 2C customers.

Also, the opening of a new hub and depot brings a stronger growth to DPD, which automatically leads to the increased demand for new workforce in operational processes and new employment in this company in general.


About DPD Croatia

DPD Croatia is part of DPDgroup, second largest international parcel distribution network in Europe. DPD, Chronopost, SEUR & BRT are the delivery experts coming together as DPDgroup. Group has 68,000 members, and a strong international network enables us to efficiently exchange experiences and knowledge. DPDgroup combines innovative technologies and local experience to deliver the most convenient and efficient delivery solutions to both senders and recipients. DPDgroup delivers more than 4.8 million parcels a day in more than 230 countries. Sending and receiving parcels is extremely easy, wherever our customers are.

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