7. September 2020 | Press release

DPD Estonia Pickup station network is moving closer to people

7 September 2020 - In September, DPD is starting its expansion of the Pickup station (parcel locker) network in Estonia by adding 100 new stations. New stations will be closer to customers, that means a lot of the locations will be in residential areas of small towns and countryside.


After the large-scale expansion of the Pickup station network, the total number of DPD lockers in Estonia will increase by 100, which means in total 207 Pickup stations in Estonia. Last year DPD already added 32 new Pickup stations to Estonia and expanded 21 previously existing stations.

“Our goal is to come as close as possible to the people,” said DPD Estonia Country manager Remo Kirss. “Our courier service is already very well optimized. Customers have the ability to track the parcel in real time, how far has the courier gotten with their parcel and when will the parcel arrive to them. We would also like to reach as close as possible to people, so they don’t have to take a special journey to receive or send their parcel.”

“We will make our network in the big cities and smaller areas more dense and bring closer to our customers,” noted Remo Kirss.

DPD Estonia Country manager added that a lot of small places will have a Pickup station, where there wasn’t any locker before. For example, new stations will be in Avinurme, Võhma, Klooga, Ahja and many other settlements.

The instalment of new Pickup stations will begin in September and will presumably finish by the end of March. In addition to Estonia’s 100 new Pickup stations, there will also be 270 new stations total in Latvia and Lithuania. The project’s total investment in the Baltics will reach €8 million.

The initial plan is to install new Pickup stations in more than 40 different municipalities, in which some doesn’t have a single Pickup station yet.

New DPD Pickup stations are the newest model of the producer KEBA, their most visible difference is user-friendliness – the screen is at an angle. Hansab will be installing the stations.

At the moment DPDgroup has over 46,000 Pickup points (parcel shops and lockers) in the world, after the expansion about 640 of them in Baltics and 206 in Estonia.

According to the latest e-shopper barometer study commissioned by DPDgroup, Estonian e-shoppers use mostly parcel lockers (80% of respondents) compared to other services, Latvian e-shoppers prefer to order parcel to their homes and then in parcel lockers (45% of respondents), and 42% of Lithuanian e-shoppers will order their parcel to the locker.


About DPD Estonia

DPD Estonia is the market leader of national and international courier service, serving private and business customers with over 260 couriers and 230 vehicles and providing jobs for additional 171 persons. DPD Estonia has about 127 Pickup points, of which 114 are Pickup stations (parcel lockers) and the rest are parcel shops.