20. September 2022 | Press release

SEUR delivered more than 9 million parcels with its low emission fleet, offsetting 95 tons of CO2 in 2021


  • The company will invest more than 4 million euros in deliveries with environmentally friendly vehicles to 64 Spanish cities by 2025
  • These green vehicles covered 15.5 million kilometers last year and they already represent 12 % of SEUR’s current fleet
  • SEUR is also committed to the deployment of charging stations, which will reach 200 by the end of 2022


SEUR has once again released its Corporate Social Responsibility Report, whose results are added to those of DPDgroup, the group to which SEUR belongs. The data for last year are particularly relevant, since the company has decided to make its sustainability strategy more ambitious. In this regard, by 2025, the company will expand from 20 to 64 Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants in which it will use low-emission vehicles.

To achieve the goal of becoming the most environmentally friendly shipping company, SEUR will execute an investment plan of over 4 million euros in 2022, and it will also introduce 1,500 low emission vehicles by 2025. The program’s implementation will reduce C02 emissions in these cities by around 85% and it will have a direct impact on 17 million inhabitants all over Spain.


20 percent more tons of CO2 offset in 2021

During the pandemic and after the e-commerce explosion, we are still managing a demand that was not foreseen for another three to five years. Therefore, implementing initiatives and strategies that enable sustainable transport is essential, both to be part of the solution and to respond to the demands of consumers, who are increasingly demanding environmental accountability from the companies from which they contract services and purchase products.

This is confirmed by Itxaso Larrañaga, Director of Personas and CSR at SEUR,

"Consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the sustainable aspects of the products and services they buy. This is reflected in our latest E-shopper Barometer report, which shows that 47% of regular e-shoppers state that, for them, making a sustainable online purchase means acquiring an environmentally friendly product or an article from a more sustainable brand. In addition, 65% of e-shoppers would also be willing to switch stores to find a more sustainable shipping option. In fact, they represent a new type of consumer, the eco-selective, and they already represent 14% of all European e-shoppers, according to the E-Shopper Barometer".

One of the most important actions implemented by the company is the gradual transition to an environmentally friendly fleet. It already accounts for 12% of the total to this day. Last year, these vehicles drove 15.5 million kilometers, delivering more than 9 million parcels, and offsetting 0.64 kg of CO2 for each of them. In other words, a total of more than 95 tons of CO2 will be offset during 2021. Between 2021 and 2022, the company will add 100 more electric vehicles to its fleet.

Another initiative that contributes both to offering customers more flexibility and to having more sustainable operations is SEUR's commitment to out-of-home solutions. Thanks to its Pickup network, which already has more than 2,600 convenience points and lockers (intelligent lockers), it is possible to reduce failed deliveries and their resulting second attempts, as it is the consumers who choose where and when to pick up their orders. In this way, emissions of polluting and greenhouse gasses are also limited, achieving a 63 % reduction in CO2 emissions linked to the last mile.


This strategy also includes the development of urban hubs, small logistics centers located in the center of cities that allow SEUR to be closer to its customers and, therefore, minimize emissions associated with the last mile. To this end, more sustainable means of intelligent delivery are used, such as drivers on foot (walkers) or electric bicycles. SEUR currently has more than 30 hubs (both its own and subcontracted) in different Spanish cities such as Madrid, Seville and Córdoba. The company is also committed to the deployment of recharging points, which will reach 200 by the end of 2022.

SEUR also extends its sustainability strategy to its entire structure, promoting a business model based on the circular economy. Thus, during the past year, 48 centers have adhered to its recycling policy and have followed good practice procedures in order to properly separate plastic, cardboard, pallets and hazardous waste. In addition, SEUR collaborates with the Aprocor foundation to give a second life to work clothes, making a total of 28 shipments during 2021, which have allowed it to recover 2,787 units.


SEUR Now receives AENOR's ISO 45001 certificate for Health and Safety at Work

In 2021, AENOR awarded SEUR the ISO 45001 certificate in Occupational Health and Safety for its SEUR Now service. With this solution, super-urgent deliveries are made in one or two hours in several Spanish cities. This is an international recognition that officially recognizes SEUR's management excellence and commitment to safety, health and well-being. Furthermore, the certificate will help the company to continue promoting a culture of preventive health and safety, actively involving all employees.


DPDgroup's overall results

For its part, DPDgroup also reviewed its sustainable strategy, which includes the Spanish company's strategy. After achieving the goal of making deliveries exclusively with low-emission fleets in 52 European cities by 2021, DPDgroup increased this target to 350 by 2025.  In addition, over the past year, the group managed to reduce its carbon emissions per package by a further 3.8%, increasing its fleet of low-emission vehicles to 2,570 throughout Europe. Also, in its commitment to sustainable mobility, it has installed 2,156 charging points in all the countries in which it operates, as well as inaugurating 148 urban hubs.

DPDgroup has recently submitted its decarbonisation pathway to the SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) with the aim of achieving net zero emissions by 2040; that is, ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement.



A propos de SEUR

Our 80 years of history have allowed us to be pioneers in express transport in Spain, leading the sector with three main lines of business: international, e-commerce and the refrigerated service focused on online food.

Thanks to our 10,000 professionals, we serve companies of all sizes and sectors, and as part of DPDgroup, one of the largest international express transport networks, we deliver all over the world.

We constantly invest in innovation and infrastructures to be closer to our customers and offer them greater flexibility through solutions such as Predict, an interactive system for arranging delivery, or SEUR Now, for super-urgent deliveries in one or two hours. We are committed to sustainable logistics with the integration of alternative delivery systems in large cities such as the use of ecological vehicles, urban hubs or our network of Pickup points with more than 3,000 convenience stores and lockers.

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