7. June 2022 | Press release

SEUR expands its sustainable strategy and will carry out low-emission deliveries in 64 Spanish cities in 2025


  • This initiative will reduce CO2 emissions in these cities by around 85% and will have a direct impact on 17 million inhabitants throughout Spain
  • SEUR will invest more than 4 million euros in 2022 to implement this plan and will incorporate more than 1,500 low-emission vehicles throughout the country by 2025


Two years ago SEUR announced a new commitment to the environment under its sustainability strategy to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment by offsetting its CO2 emissions, a task that it has already been developing since 2013. Given the climatic urgency, SEUR has decided to make this strategy more ambitious by expanding from 20 to 64 Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants in which it will carry out distribution with low-emission vehicles.

To achieve these objectives, the execution of this plan will mean an investment of more than 4 million euros for the company in 2022 alone, as well as the incorporation of 1,500 low-emission vehicles by 2025. All this without forgetting the commitment of the company for the installation of recharging points, which by the end of 2022 will reach 200. The implementation of this program will reduce CO2 emissions in these cities by around 85% and will have a direct impact on 17 million inhabitants throughout Spain.

The company has also spent years betting on services that offer the greatest possible flexibility and personalization to its consumers, something that has led to the growth of out-of-home solutions, which also benefit sustainability, such as the SEUR Pickup network, which already exceeds the 3,000 convenience stores and lockers, 30% more than in 2020. A solution that allows the online buyer to choose where to receive their shipments with a wide freedom of schedules that includes, in most cases, weekends and where Five million deliveries were made in 2021. The commitment to the Pickup network is part of the Group's sustainability strategy, as it reduces CO2 emissions associated with the last mile by 63%.

This strategy also includes the implementation of urban hubs, small logistics centres located in the centre of cities that make it possible to be closer to customers and, therefore, minimize the emissions associated with the last mile by using smart delivery methods more sustainable as delivery people on foot or electric bicycles. It currently operates from more than 30 hubs (including its own and subcontracted) distributed in different Spanish cities such as Madrid, Seville and Córdoba.

“Our main objective is to become the most sustainable transport company in the sector. To this end, we have deployed this strategy in a more efficient way that has allowed us to be more ambitious, joining forces with customers, consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders to make a positive difference to people, our planet and communities. with which we operate”,

explains Itxaso Larrañaga, Director of People and Sustainability at SEUR.



DPDgroup pioneer in sustainability

GeoPost/DPDgroup, the group to which SEUR belongs, leads this sustainable strategy at a pan-European level through its different subsidiaries. In 2020, its commitment focused on providing 225 European cities (with more than 50,000 inhabitants) with low-emission distribution solutions by 2025. Given that, as in the case of SEUR, the implementation of these projects has been faster than expected, the group has updated its objectives by increasing the number of cities to 350 in the next three years. By then, the company will have deployed more than 15,000 alternative vehicles, 6,700 charging points and 250 urban hubs.

This will allow GeoPost/DPDgroup to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint in managing the last mile in these cities, reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions by 83% and pollutants by 95% compared to 2020.

In addition, GeoPost/DPDgroup has deployed a pioneering program for air quality measurement. A project with which the company takes concrete measures in favor of society and its citizens to minimize air pollution and improve air quality, particularly in urban areas where the challenge is greater. The measurement of air quality is carried out thanks to sensors installed in delivery vehicles, convenience stores of its Pickup network and the company's urban hubs that, with Pollutrack laser technology, measure in real time, street by street, the amount of breathable PM2.5 fine particles, considered the most harmful. This initiative has been implemented in several European cities, including Lisbon, Paris, Madrid and, more recently, Prague, Bologna, Dublin and Warsaw. To date, 1,151 mobile sensors and 175 fixed sensors have been installed. The group plans to expand this data collection program to reach more than 20 European cities by 2022.



About SEUR

Thanks to almost 80 years in business, we’ve become pioneers in express delivery in Spain, leading the sector with three main business lines: international, e-commerce and our cold-delivery service primarily for online food orders.

Through our team of 10,000 professionals, we serve businesses of all sizes and sectors, and as part of DPDgroup, one of the largest international express shipping networks, we deliver around the world.

We continuously invest in innovation and infrastructure to get closer to our customers and offer them greater flexibility with solutions such as Predict, an interactive system to arrange deliveries, or SEUR Now, for super express delivery within one or two hours. We’re committed to sustainable logistics, with the deployment of alternative distribution systems in major cities, such as the use of green vehicles, urban hubs and our network of Pickup points with more than 3,000 convenience stores and lockers.