5. December 2018 | Press release

The prize-winning DPD App breaks the 2 million service ratings mark in Germany

Aschaffenburg, 05.12.2018 – Just a few weeks before Christmas, international parcel and express service provider DPD has broken through the two million service ratings mark. The ratings are provided in mobile form on the DPD App and online in the DPD Parcel Navigator, where consignees can directly evaluate their delivery experience. On average, consignees awarded four out of five possible stars. This feedback confirms that satisfaction with DPD's services is very high, and remains positive even in the busy pre-Christmas period. The parcel service also has a seasonal surprise in store for consignees in the weeks before Christmas: in its map-based live tracking function DPD is now replacing the delivery vehicle with a reindeer, while a snow globe is displayed instead of the house. For anyone who won't be at home when the reindeer arrives, digital delivery options make it easy to redirect parcels or set delivery preferences in advance - a very useful feature especially during the Christmas season, when many gifts are sent as parcels.

  • Average rating of 4 from 5 possible stars confirms high consignee satisfaction level
  • DPD's digital services have 3.4 million active users every month
  • Live tracking with reindeer and snow globe supports DPD's gamification approach
  • Christmas parcels arrive without stress: convenient redirection of parcels and delivery preference specification with the DPD App and Parcel Navigator

Thanks to digital service ratings as an immediate response channel, DPD receives direct feedback relating to its service quality, and is accordingly even more closely aligned with consignee wishes. Depending on their satisfaction level, consignees can award up to five stars in the DPD App. Consignees who award only 1 or 2 stars have the opportunity to specify more precisely what specific aspect of the service they were not satisfied with. "Thanks to the star rating, consignees can give us immediate and uncomplicated feedback on our service. All the more reason for us to be pleased that they are not only actively seizing this opportunity, but are also highly satisfied with DPD's performance. At the same time the feedback function helps us to get a little better every day", explains Michael Knaupe, Director Customer Experience & Communications at DPD Germany.

Direct feedback is of tremendous value

This type of systematic consignee feedback enables DPD to ensure quality in the long term and to optimise and further develop its premium service in a targeted manner. The rating function in the DPD App and the Parcel Navigator is also linked with a feature which enables consignees to tip the delivery driver: those who are particularly satisfied with the delivery can send the driver a digital tip via PayPal - a nice idea for spreading joy among Santa's helpers, especially during Advent

A live tracking Christmas special

This year reindeer will not only be pulling Santa's sleigh, but will also appear in the DPD App: instead of the usual delivery vehicle, consignees who follow the status of their parcel live in the DPD App or Parcel Navigator will see a reindeer. A snow globe marks the delivery address on the card, and snowflakes trickle across the display when the smartphone is shaken. Anyone who taps the reindeer or the snow globe will also be surprised by Christmas sounds. "Our gamification features ensure that receiving Christmas packages becomes even more enjoyable than it already is," explains Michael Knaupe. "Parcel tracking becomes an experience - that's exactly what we mean by giving consignees the best possible customer experience." On a detailed map DPD's live tracking function shows consignees in real time where their parcel is currently located, and how many stops the reindeer still has to make before it reaches their address. The delivery forecast is accurate to 60 minutes, and even runs down to 30 minutes in the course of the delivery.

Simply managing parcels digitally

Anyone who won't be at home at the scheduled delivery time can simply use one of DPD's digital delivery options: with a click of the mouse or the tap of a finger consignees can, for example, arrange for their parcel to be left in a secure location, or for delivery to take place on a different day. Alternatively a shipment can be individually redirected, for example to a parcel shop or to a specific neighbour. With a little luck the consignee will even receive a digital voucher, which can be redeemed directly in the relevant parcel shop if the customer makes a purchase there when picking up the parcel. Consignees who are often not at home can also register their delivery preferences in the DPD App and, for example, provide authorisation for the parcel to be left in a safe place, specify a favourite parcel shop, or link the app with their ParcelLock box. Accordingly DPD's digital services provide consignees with the greatest possible flexibility, enabling them to conveniently integrate the receipt of parcels into their everyday routine. DPD is therefore making a valuable contribution towards helping consignees take delivery of their urgently awaited parcels without stress, especially during the Christmas season. More and more consignees are therefore taking advantage of DPD's digital services, which currently have 3.4 million active users per month.


About DPD Germany

DPD Germany is part of DPDgroup, the second-largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. Throughout Germany DPD has 78 depots and 6,000 Pickup parcelshops. A workforce of 9,500 and 11,000 delivery drivers are in daily operation on behalf of the company’s customers. Every year the No. 2 on the German parcels market ships around 375 million parcels – providing carbon-neutral transport operations at no additional cost to the customer.

Through innovative technology, local knowledge and dedicated customer care, DPD provides the best possible experience for both shippers and shoppers. DPD’s industry-leading Predict service is setting a new standard for keeping customers closely in touch with their delivery, with real time tracking of their delivery, a one-hour delivery window and a range of options for redirecting parcels. In recognition of this innovation DPD Germany received several awards like the Digital Transformation Award or the UX Design Award.

As part of DPDgroup, DPD Germany has access to over 32,000 local Pickup points across Europe, and delivers to 230 countries worldwide. DPDgroup’s 38,000 people work together to deliver more than 4.8 million parcels each day. The sole shareholder in DPD is GeoPost, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste. GeoPost posted sales of €6.8 billion in the year 2017.

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