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Customers talk about DPD

"The majority of vente-privé e-commerce sales pass through French and European postal networks. In 2009, we started to offer an additional service to our clients with pickup point delivery. Following a call for tenders in June 2011, one of the options we chose was the Pickup network so that we could implement alternative solutions. Pickup parcel shops are open on Saturday and late on weeknights. This is important for our customers who work all week. We appreciate the quality of the network and the selected retailers. The low turn-over is a sign of trust. And we appreciate the increased density of the pickup points, which enables us to be closer to our buyers. We wish to offer even more additional services to enhance our shipping solutions. We also want to include pickup parcel shops as an option in the European countries that we cover."


Sébastien Hospital, 

Logistics Director, vente-privé