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Carbon neutral commitment

We measure


The first step on our program is to assess the GHG emissions resulting from our activity. Indicators are followed-up quarterly in order to evaluate the global carbon footprint of our operations.

We also have a carbon calculator that gives precise information to our customers on the specific carbon footprint of their parcels. Measuring our GHG emissions is the first step of our Carbon Neutral Commitment.


Our sustainability reporting, RESPIRE (RESponsible and PIloting and REporting tool), accounts for the GHG emissions from our transport operations. RESPIRE is based on the international standards. Indicators, related to transport, energy, etc. are followed quarterly in order to assess the carbon footprint and the environmental impact of our activity.


Since 2012, we have our reporting process externally verified.  The auditors verify our reporting tool, the process of data input, internal verification and then they proceed to a detailed control of the operational data. The reporting methodology covers all scopes of carbon footprint standards.


Based on the European standard EN 16258, the calculation is done for every single parcel that enters into our logistic network to trace the GHG emissions resulting from its transport. The system is built on the scans done to the parcel on every step of its delivery process. The main objective is to give precise information to our customers on their carbon footprint. 


We reduce

our CO² emissions per parcel on road transport (objective of 10% per parcel by 2020)

We offset

the remaining transport related emissions by investing in 6 projects in Europe, Turkey and India

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