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Poland - GreenBinders


Producing building materials from waste

Country: The project is located in Poland, Warsaw. Polish economy remains highly resource- and carbon-intensive, due to a strong industrial base and heavy reliance on coal. However, in the Polish construction sector, sustainable materials are promoted.

PO: EKOTECH Group's mission is to provide reliable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly geotechnical materials on the basis of anthropogenic minerals. EKOTECH ‘s goal is to have zero waste from coal combustion.

Key issue: The production of cement and lime results in important CO2 emissions (about 1 ton of CO2 per produced ton of cement or lime). The increasing demand for this kind of products drive a parallel increasing of GHG emissions.



The Green Binders program produces hydraulic binders used in road construction, geotechnical seals, and stabilization of hazardous waste as an alternative to traditional materials based on cement and lime. They are sold all over the country. 

Binders are obtained from calcareous fly ashes, which are purified and enriched. The industrial plant is located in the same site that an electric power plant. The electric power plant burns coal to produce electricity: the resulting ashes are immediately used to obtain Green Binders.

The entire process is an example of circular economy: the output of an industrial process is the input for another one. The process is virtuous in terms of carbon emissions and do not need additional water. 






An average of 73,500 tCO2e avoided per year.

Corresponding to avoiding emissions for more than 7,000 people in Poland





  • Job creation: 34 Equivalent Full Time jobs


  • Circular economy: A process including waste recovery.
  • Saving natural resources : Lime & clay which extraction implies habitat destruction and the reduction of environmental load involved with landfilling of fly ash arising naturally from coal-based power generation (landfilling of 100,000t of fly ashes requires approx. 0.5 hectare of land).
  • Reduced air pollution: Ashes used in the production of Green Binders are not dispersed on air, during the process specific devices permit to control the ash’s dispersion.
  • Avoid use of energy: The aggregated electricity consumption for the production of alternative binders is always lower than the electricity consumption during the production of traditional binders. 



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