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Turkey - BalikesirWind


Using wind to produce energy

Country: The project is located in Turkey, in Balikesir Province. Although Turkey has very good wind resources, substantial space and a reasonably good electrical infrastructure, Turkey uses negligible capacity (less than 2%).

PO: ENERJISA has been founded in 1996. Its target for 2020 is to reach 7.500 MW generation capacity and to serve over 9 million customers in the electricity distribution sector.

Key issue: Fossil fuel still comprised the great majority of the total gross electricity generation in Turkey. The share of non-hydro renewables (geothermal, wind, biomass, waste) makes less than 1% of total generation.

Lack of attractive incentives and tax advantages, limited grid access and restricted turbine supply constitutes the major barriers in front of the wind energy. 



The Balikesir Wind program counts 52 turbines, each having an output of 2.5 MW. The total electricity production of the project is about 404 MWh/year.

The purpose of the project is to increase Turkey’s current wind power-generated electricity by about 8.0%.





An average of 73,500 tCO2e avoided per year.

Corresponding to avoiding emissions for more than 7,000 people in Poland




  • Support the creation of local infrastructures and services:  Water pumps, restoring administrative buildings, educational equipment, road construction. 
  • Energy independence: The project will help Turkey towards the use of grid connected renewable energy technologies and markets in order to differentiate the electricity generation mix and reduce import dependency. The total volume of energy to be produced there is set roughly to supply the electricity needs of some 170,000 Turkish households.
  • Creation of local jobs: The company has been provided job opportunities and as a result increase income generation. Approximately 5 people have been hired from the region during the operation of the power plant. Such as gardener, cleaner and security staff.


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